The Official Destiny: Rise of Iron Trailer Has Arrived!


The official trailer has just been released for Destiny: Rise of Iron which will be arriving September 20th.

This expansion includes a new cinematic story campaign, a new location “The Plaguelands”, explore, a brand new social space, ‘Felwinter Peak’, a new six-player Raid, and remastered three-player co-operative strikes.

This expansion includes even more ways to customize your Guardian with all new weapons and gear. As an additional bonus, those who preorder Rise of Iron will receive the Iron Gjallarhorn.

The trailer sets the mood by taking the viewer back long ago, before the time of the Guardians, when Iron Lords ruled the land. As humanity’s greatest warriors, they were tasked with the protection of the entire human race.

Once a plague befell the land, the Iron Lords were able to lock it away… but at a great cost and with many sacrifices.

Fast forward to the current time, where the plague is ravaging the land once again. Players once again are asked, “Guardian, will you rise to this fight… and stand where the Iron Lords fell?”