Destiny: Rise of Iron – Wrath of the Machine | All Exotic Chest Locations


Don’t miss out on those lucrative chests in ‘Wrath of the Machine‘, the raid now available for all Destiny: Rise of Iron players.

Unlike other raids, every chest here is an Exotic chest, meaning you’ll always get an Exotic grade loot drop. If you have SIVA Cache Keys, a special consumable used to open extra chests only found in Wrath of the Machine, then you can practically double your rewards. Check out all the locations below, including details on one secret Exotic chest found in Vosik’s Lair.

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All Exotic Chest Locations

As mentioned above, ALL CHESTS in Wrath of the Machine are considered Exotic chests. This raid also features special chests that require the SIVA Cache Key consumable.

  • How to Get SIVA Cache Keys:
    • One key is rewarded for completing the story campaign for Rise of Iron.
    • More keys can be crafted by converting 10 SIVA Key Fragments into 1 SIVA Cache Key.
      • SIVA Key Fragments drop during the Wrath of the Machine raid.

With that detail out of the way, let’s get on with the full list of Exotic Chest locations.

  • Chest Location #1: After completing the first Vosik, the Archpriest encounter, follow the linear path and look on your left. This one is hard to miss, and you’ll spot it before entering the Splicer’s Den interior.
  • Chest Location #2: Past the first encounter, continue on until you reach the jumping puzzle corridor. Look for a tank hanging diagonally by chains from the ceiling — reach the near-roof or climb onto the tank, then hop to a red pipe to find a secret corridor in the upper-left wall. Crawl through the path to find some boards leading out to more hanging containers — jump over the gap into the lit-up hallway to find this secret chest.
  • Chest Location #3: At the second jumping puzzle corridor past the second encounter with Vosik, pass by two pairs of pipes on the left, and look right for a hallway built into the right wall. This one is much easier to spot. Simply follow this winding hallway to a room with four pillars and look left.
  • Chest Location #4: In this same jumping puzzle, reach the very end of the path where you’ll get to exit and progress to the next sequence. Before leaving the corridor, turn around and look for a long catwalk suspended in the triangle-shaped girders near the roof. Jump to this catwalk and run to the back-left corner to find a chest.
  • Chest Location #5: Complete the Siege Engine sequence, and drop down to the snowy rocky path far below the wall. Continue toward the cliffs — just as you reach the rock walls, look for ledges you can climb. Start on the left then jump right. Continue up until you can reach one of the broken pipes sticking out of the cliff. The pipe is directly above the main path — get inside to grab another Exotic chest.

The final hidden chest is trickier to get than the rest. You’ll need to find 5 hidden monitors to unlock a blocked hallway where another Exotic chest is located, blocked by five lasers. Finding the hidden monitors will deactivate the lasers — here’s what you need to know.

  • Chest Location #6 / #7: The last chest is located in a hidden hallway the opens up after defeating Aksis, Archon Prime. Go to the back of the arena and look down (near where the pillars that protect you from the SIVA Density attack are located) to find a new platform. Drop down onto the platform to discover a hallway with an Exotic chest and 5 lasers blocking the path. To remove the lasers, you’ll have to find and activate 5 hidden monitors. Chest #7 is found inside the Canister Room after leaving the Server Room. Complete the steps for “Monitor #4” to open the SIVA containment unit to find this very hidden chest.
    • Monitor Location #1: In the second Vosik encounter, find a room in the front-left corner of the arena with a fan in the roof. Jump up into the fan to find the monitor down the pipe’s path.
    • Monitor Location #2: The second monitor is located in the chamber described in “Chest Location #3” — you’ll enter a larger room. Near the top, there is a path that leads into the room with four red pillars. Before entering the hallway, jump up into the rafters (above the spinning fans) — climb the iron girders, then the pipes to reach a passage high up that leads to the next monitor.
    • Monitor Location #3: After you defeat the Siege Engine boss, look down at the slanted wall on the right of the Cosmodrome — when facing the Siege Engine as it falls. Look for a small SIVA Core sticking out of the wall. Shoot it, and the wall will bust open, revealing a hidden room containing one more monitor.
    • Monitor Location #4: The monitors you need to activate are located in the Server Room. One row into the chamber, go to the far-left wall to find a monitor — there is a second monitor on the opposite side of the room, as well. You can’t activate them yet though. Continue into the strange chamber with the huge black diamond in the center. In this chamber, you’ll need to stand on four glowing canisters [Use this map for reference!] — one player each needs to stand on the four marked canisters. The other two players need to return to the Server Farm room and activate the two previously inactive monitors.
      • That isn’t all. After activating the last two monitors, look in the lower-right corner for a number. The four digits represent a binary code — the monitor on the left as you first enter the Server Room gives the COLUMN — the monitor on the right as you enter the Server Room gives you the ROW.
      • These binary codes, giving the column / row, reveal the final place you’ll need to stand in the black diamond chamber. There’s one more canister you’ll have to find using the binary code coordinates. [Use this simple chart to decipher the binary code into a set of two numbers.]
      • There are four canister sections — 00, 01, 02, 03 — the two monitors in the Server Room reveal four coordinates in total. The canister sections are shown on the reference map above.
      • Leave two teammates to stay behind and watch the two monitors in the Server Room while the rest of your team waits in the black diamond canister chamber. After activating the two monitors, translate the binary code and call out the coordinates (rows go from 0 to 6, left to right | columns go from 0 to 6, bottom to top) and stand on the correct canister.
      • If you stand on the correct canister, it will light up. Now re-activate the two monitors for another set of coordinates. Have another teammate jump on the second canister location in section 01, followed by 02, and 03.
        • Steps [Overview]: Get the binary coordinates by activating two monitors in the Server Room. Translate the binary code from each monitor into a set of numbers. The left number represents the Column, the right number represents the Row. Have one player stand on the column / row canister in the 00 section of the black diamond chamber. Rinse and repeat for sections 01, 02, 03.
      • Stay on each canister with one Guardian so all four are lit up. If you light up all four canister, the black diamond will open. Crawl into the center to find the monitor and another Exotic chest.
    • Monitor Location #5: The last monitor is located at the front of the hidden hallway described above, where the last Exotic chest is located, underneath the Aksis, Archon Prime arena.

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