Destiny: Rise of Iron – The Comprehensive Outbreak Prime Exotic Guide


The ‘Wrath of the Machine’ exotic is real. The Outbreak Prime Pulse Rifle exotic quest can only be unlocked by completing an insane puzzle nestled deep in Destiny: Rise of Iron’s high-level raid. It turns out, the answer was in the Destiny ARG — and thanks to the dedication of the Destiny community, we now know how to complete the ‘Wrath of the Machine’ monitor puzzle. If this is all foreign to you, don’t worry — we’ll explain everything in the guide below.

The Destiny ARG actually has a purpose this time around. Instead of cryptic puzzles that lead to nowhere, solving this ARG revealed clues to open a mysterious laser-grid hallway, containing an Exotic chest with the Outbreak Prime Exotic quest item.

Accessing the chest below the final boss of ‘Wrath of the Machine’ begins Shiro-4’s Exotic quest. There’s a lot more to know, and plenty we don’t quite understand about the ARG — just know this, it was solved, and here are all the steps you’ll need to take to unlock the Exotic quest for Outbreak Prime. For extra comprehensiveness, you’ll also find all the steps required to complete the Exotic quest and get your Guardian one impressive Outbreak Prime Pulse Rifle.

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The Comprehensive Outbreak Prime Exotic Guide

To start the “Channeling the Corruption” Exotic quest from Shiro-4, you’ll have to open a very special, very secret chest at the very end of the Wrath of the Machine raid.

That means you’ll also have to be able to finish that raid with a full team of six Guardians. Check out the link bank above for specific guides showing how to beat every boss, or how to complete every stage of the raid.

  • Note: We recommend only attempting this Easter egg / ARG / Mini-Quest with a people you can coordinate with. If everyone isn’t working together, unlocking the “Channeling the Corruption” quest is pretty much impossible. 

The Basics – Quick Overview: To get the Exotic Quest item, you’ll have to find and activate five hidden monitors in the ‘Wrath of the Machine’ raid. Each monitor you activate will remove one laser from a hidden hallway that opens only after defeating Aksis, Archon Prime.

  • Four of the monitors are simply hidden in hard-to-reach locations on the raid map.
  • The fifth monitor will require a full team of coordinated Guardians, two maps, and a Binary translation.

TL:DR – Find all five monitors while completing ‘Wrath of the Machine’, go to the secret hallway and open the chest to begin Shiro-4’s Exotic quest.

Finding the Hidden Laser Hallway

After you kill Aksis, Archon Prime — rush back to the abyss on the opposite side of the arena from the SIVA Source platform. Look down from the ledge, you can also see from the pillars you’ll need to use to survive the SIVA Density Critical attacks.

A secret panel will open after the final boss is defeated. The wall lowers to form a platform, so it shouldn’t be hard to spot. Down inside, there is a hallway with three important landmarks:

  1. The last (5th) of five monitors you must interact with. Interacting with the monitor will removes one of the five lasers at the next point-of-interest.
  2. A laser grid with five lasers is found down the hallway path. There are five monitors hidden around ‘Wrath of the Machine’ — interacting with each will remove one laser.
  3. Past the lasers is an Exotic chest that contains the quest item required to begin “Channeling the Corruption,” a quest you can start by taking the strange plot-item to Shiro-4.

That means you’ll have to find five monitors. Four of those monitors aren’t so bad to find, but the fourth (4/5) found before entering the Perfection Complex, is incredibly tough to unlock. Let’s go over the locations, one step at a time.

Monitor #1: Vosik’s Lair Safe Room

Once you reach Vosik, the Archpriest’s [2nd Encounter] lair and defeat him for good, don’t leave his lair just yet. From the entrance, check out the left safe room used to escape the SIVA Density Critical events. There is an inactive vent fan built into the ceiling.

To get the first monitor, jut triple-jump up into the server room. Build your Guardian to get as much agility and jumping as possible before entering this raid — there are plenty of jumping puzzles on the main path.

Monitor #2: Optional Exotic Chest High Climbers

After killing Vosik, you’ll move into a second jumping puzzle corridor. This one features hanging tanks for platforms — as you reach an area with two sets of two pipes connected to the left wall, look to the right wall for an optional corridor.

The optional corridor is not hidden and should be easy to spot if you look to the right walls while normally traversing the second jumping puzzle.

The optional path leads to a large room. Climbing up, you can find a hallway to reach an Exotic chest — it looks like the top, but it isn’t. Use all the girders, rafters and other bits to climb even higher. Eventually you can reach the upper-right corner (entrance into the room perspective) — there is a narrow corridor with pipes leading into a maintenance passage. Use the pipes to get up there and interact with the second monitor.

Monitor #3: Cosmodrome Wall – Post-Siege Engine Boss

Destroy the Siege Engine and jump back onto the wall before it drops into the abyss. Facing the section of broken wall and looking down, you’ll see the island of rock you’ll have to jump to if you want to continue this raid. Don’t jump down yet, though — there’s something you need on the Cosmodrome wall.

Look down at the left-side of the wall while facing the former Siege Engine’s location. There is a small SIVA core (diamond-shaped black object) sticking out of the wall. Shoot it and a panel will fly off, revealing a hidden alcove containing the third monitor.


Monitor #4: The Binary-Code ARG Canister Puzzle

This is where things get hard. The Destiny ARG for Rise of Iron reveals hints that point to the possible solutions for this little Easter egg, but if you want to know exactly how to solve this weird conundrum, keep reading for a step-by-step explanation.

NOTE: To complete this section, you’ll need a team of 6 that you can communicate with freely. This puzzle requires teamwork. 

After completing the Siege Engine Boss, you’ll continue deeper into the underground complex where the SIVA Source resides. You’ll have to complete this ARG puzzle before leaving. There are two rooms to note before dropping into the SIVA Source arena — continuing down there will not allow you to return.

  • Server Farm Room (Room with rows of servers.)
  • Server Canister Room (Found right after the Server Farm. A room with catwalks, canisters in rows below, and a massive black diamond SIVA object in the center.)

The fourth (and toughest) monitor is located INSIDE the SIVA CORE in the Server Canister Room. This core will only open after you input 2 codes — codes are input by standing on 4 canisters (one in each numbered section, 00, 01, 02, 03) with one Guardian each.

  • The first canister input code is always the same. It was revealed after completing the Destiny ARG.
  • The second canister input code is randomly generated. By interacting with two monitors in the Server Farm Room, binary code will appear on the lower-right corners of the screen. Translate the binary code into decimal numbers to create a location — the left monitor reveals the COLUMN, the right monitor reveals the ROW.
    • Do this four times — after standing on the correct canister with a Guardian, re-use the monitors to collect another set of numbers.
    • Translate those numbers to find the coordinates for sections 00, 01, 02, 03.

When Guardians stand on all four canisters, the SIVA core will open to reveal another Exotic chest and the toughest monitor to collect. This is just a very basic overview of the steps required to unlock this monitor, below we’ll provide detailed instructions to help you get through this insane puzzle.

  • ARG Canister Puzzle – Step-by-Step Tutorial

NOTE: Before attempting this puzzle, please read over the quick overview below. When you’re familiar with the concepts, follow the steps below. We’ll try to provide all the info you need to make sense of this challenge, but it is very complicated. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

To get started, first locate the two inactive monitors in the Server Farm Room. They look just like the other monitors you interact with to remove the laser grids — these two monitors are inactive until you complete the first part of this puzzle.

Image Source: [Created by Sheds Vartemis]
The left monitor is located at the left corner, one row from the entrance to the Server Farm Room. The right monitor is on the wall directly opposite. As explained above, these monitors are non-functional on your first visit. Return to these locations after inputting the first code in the Server Canister Room.

Once you reach the strange black SIVA diamond with the rows of canisters below, you’ll need four Guardians to stand on four very specific canisters. Consult the map below for exact locations — the spots you and three teammates need to stand are marked in red.

Image Source: [1]
Stand on all four marked canisters to complete the first phase of the puzzle. The second phase is randomly generated, and will change every single time.

  • Before starting the second part of this puzzle, make note of the four quadrants in the SIVA Canister Room. At the end of each row (and marked in each of the map’s four corners) are numbers; 00, 01, 02, 03.

To begin Phase 2: Send two Guardians to activate the two monitors found in the Server Farm Room. Leave four Guardians to wait in the Canister Room — all four Guardians will need to stand on four randomly generated Canister locations to finally open the SIVA Core.

  • To reveal the locations, look at the bottom-right corner of the monitors you activate. You’ll find a series of numbers on each monitor — this is Binary Code. You only need to know the Binary Code for 1-6, as there are only 6 Columns / Rows for each quadrant of the Canister Room.


  • Translate the Binary Code into a decimal number to get the COLUMN and ROW for the first canister location in the 00 quadrant of the Canister Room.
    • For Example: The left monitor reads [000001] and the right monitor reads [00101] — this translates to COLUMN 1, ROW 5. Stand on this canister in quadrant 00.

If you’re confused on COLUMN and ROW location, remember that COLUMNS are counter left-to-right, while ROWS are counted bottom-to-top. The best perspective is from the catwalks around the SIVA Core itself. The first row is always the row closet to the SIVA Core.

Stand on the correct canister, and it will LIGHT UP. Keep a Guardian standing on each canister location as they are discovered.

  • Phase 2 Overview:
    • Activate the left / right monitors in the Server Farm Room.
    • Translate the Binary Code into Decimal. Left number is the Column, right number is the Row.
    • Stand on the Canister coordinate in section 00.
    • Reactivate the left / right monitors. Translate the binary to get decimals. Stand on the coordinates in section 01.
    • Repeat for 02.
    • Repeat for 03.

When four Guardians are standing on all four lit canisters, the SIVA Core will finally open. The fourth monitor, along with an Exotic chest reward, are inside.

Monitor #5: Aksis, Archon Prime – Post-Arena

Defeat Aksis, Archon Prime to open the passage to the Exotic chest with the “Channeling the Corruption” quest item. A panel on the edge of the arena near the pillars that protect your team from the SIVA Density Critical events will open. Spot this panel by looking down into the abyss from the back ledges of the boss area.

Drop down to the platform and you’ll find the monitor to the right before entering the straight hallway leading to the laser grid. Activating this last monitor brings down the last laser and opens the path to the Exotic chest.

  • How to Start “Channeling the Corruption”: Open the Exotic chest contained in this very secret area, available only by finding five very secret monitors.

Exotic Quest Guide – How to Get Outbreak Prime

This thing isn’t over yet. There’s an Exotic Quest to complete, and it is just as tough. Here’s the rundown on everything you need to accomplish to finally unlock Outbreak Prime.

  • Step #1: Be the Battery
    • Complete objectives with a Fireteam comprising of a Hunter, Titan, and Warlock.
    • Complete 1 Nightfall Strike
    • Complete 3 Public Plaguelands Events
    • Complete 3 Crucible Matches / Heroic Strikes
    • Get 50 Kills with a Pulse Rifle

All pretty straightforward, but time-consuming. The next part is trickier. Clever Reddit Guardians figured out the codes — it requires math to solve yourself. Return to the Iron Temple and interact with the SIVA Engine in your inventory.

  • Step #2: Solving the SIVA Engine (Part 1)
    • Select the nodes in this order. 1 is the top node, 2 is the middle node, and 3 is the bottom node.
    • For Warlocks: 3 – 1 – 3 – 1 – 3
    • For Hunters: 2 – 3 – 2 – 2 – 3
    • For Titans: 3 – 2 – 3 – 2 – 3

If everyone in the fireteam has successfully solved the puzzle, a final column will appear. Use all three nodes to complete this step and talk to Shiro to continue.

  • Step #3: Parts of a Whole
    • Attack Fallen in the Plaguelands and Gather SIVA tech.
    • Actively explore the Plaguelands (open chests, complete patrols / strikes, etc)
    • Fight 3 times in the Archon’s Forge
    • Destroy Sepiks Perfected (complete the strike)

More busy-work — complete events, fight enemies, and open chests to “actively explorer” the Plaguelands. Back at the Iron Temple, you have to complete another SIVA Engine puzzle. Here are the solutions:

  • Step #4: Solving the SIVA Engine (Part 2)
    • Select the nodes in this order. 1 is the top node, and 4 is the bottom node.
    • For Warlocks: 2 – 4 – 4 – 1 – 4
    • For Hunters: 1 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 4
    • For Titans: 4 – 2 – 1 – 2 – 3

Talk to Shiro again and… you’ll have to complete the ‘Wrath of the Machine’ raid again.

  • Step #5: Complete ‘Wrath of the Machine’… Again
    • No need to find monitors, chests, or clusters.
    • All you have to do is complete this raid one more time.

There’s still one more puzzle to solve.

Complete the last new nodes that appear with your team of three, activate the right-most node, and talk to Shiro to finally acquire the Outbreak Prime.


Image Source: [Datto on Twitter]