Destiny: Rise of Iron – Ghost Fragment Collectibles | Crucible Locations


Destiny Year 3 kicks off with the Rise of Iron expansion, and alongside all the new content there are now 27 dead ghost collectibles to grab in every Crucible map. These inactive robotic buddies can only be collected while playing private matches, and each you grab, you’ll earn yourself a Grimoire Card to expand your knowledge database. Below you’ll find text locations for these Rise of Iron dead ghosts.

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Ghost Fragment Collectibles – The Crucible Locations Guide

NOTE: Dead Ghosts can only be collected in PRIVATE MATCHES.

Dead Ghosts are collectibles that resemble your Ghost pal in the single-player story. These flying AI robots can be found deactivated in corners of Crucible Maps after the Rise of Iron update. Hold [X/Square] to revive a Dead Ghost.

Each revived Ghost will earn you a new Grimoire Card, viewable on the online Destiny Companion site.

Crucible Maps – Dead Ghost Collectible Locations:

  • The Anomaly: Near the “C” marker, look behind the parked truck to find two orange containers near an opening with a view of the planet in the far distance. Look in the corner where the containers are pressed to the wall to discover this hidden ghost.
  • Asylum: Down the street from the “Clovis Bray” sign and past the overturned vehicle, there’s an interior hallway with two signs on the right (one red, one white) with a blue sign at the end of the corridor. The dead ghost is in the tall grass in the corner near the white and blue neon sign.
  • Bannerfall: Beneath a large green tarp, there’s a raised walkway with two passages on the lower floor. Jump onto the bridge and enter the interior building with crates and a desk in a corner. As you enter, look on the desk to find this dead ghost.
  • Bastion: This one is tricky. In the area with the “C” marker, look for a dirt path beneath a stone archway leading out of the enclosed section. Look on top of the rocks to the left of the “tunnel” road.
  • Black Shield: About 50m away from the “C” marker, look for a lower-path underneath the large structure with struts. There’s a muddy path that contains this easy-to-spot dead ghost.
  • Blind Watch: Outside the revolving structure at the center of the map, look for two red-ish stumpy metal silos connected by a pipe at the top. From these two silos, go underneath the exterior wall to find the dead ghost in the sand, under the shade.
  • The Burning Shrine: Follow the sandy slopes down from the “A” marker. You’ll hit the invisible “Turn Back!” barrier just as you step around one of the ruins in the sand. If you’re quick, you can grab the Dead Ghost before the time runs out.


  • Cathedral of Dusk: In the central chamber with the slate inscribed with runes on a pedestal, look in the briny corner of the opposite platform.
  • The Cauldron: Drop down to the water beneath the entrance door to the “B” marker area. In the corner with the shallow pool, you’ll find a glowing dead ghost.
  • Crossroads: Take the jump-pad to the “B” marker area. Around the tree, there’s a blue gate — look to the left of the half-circle gate, in the shallow water.
  • The Drifter: Once again, go to the “B” marker plinth and look in the lower-right corner. There’s a pile of debris near the map’s edge with the collectible ghost.
  • The Dungeons: Go to the tall platform near the “B” marker — follower the wire from the marker up to a circular plug with glowing orange-red light in the wall. To the right of this fixture, you’ll find the ghost.
  • Exodus Blue: Across from the “B” marker, look inside the building with the open double doors and an orange stripe painted over the front with Russian letters. As you enter the doors, look right.
  • Firebase Delphi: From the “B” marker area with the holographic planet, exit through one of the massive circular doors and follow the bunker path to another, similarly shaped door at the end of the road. This door won’t work and is covered by debris — the ghost is right there in the center, obscured by a piece of pipe.
  • First Light: Look underneath the railway tracks, wedged behind crates next to a pylon about 70m away from the “C” marker.
  • Frontier: In the exterior forest-y area, move toward the shore between the “A” and “C” markers. Find an open garage-like door and follow the rocks on your right around to get a vista of a small island with trees in the distant background. The ghost is resting on the cliff rocks, on the ground. It can be very tough to spot in the bushes.
  • Memento: At the center of the map, enter the overgrown alley and look for a maintenance hallway attached to the ruined building with yellow, white, and red colors on the sign. The location is literally at the center of the three markers.
  • Pantheon: Enter the path up the steps directly behind the “A” marker — continue straight forward and jump onto the ledge slightly right. Continue moving until you’re practically out of the map. There’s a hidden alcove ledge with some steps that contains the dead ghost.
  • Rusted Lands: Go up the hill from the “B” marker toward the bright spotlight to the back-left. Look behind some fallen debris near the exterior wall of the map to find it. It is actually located outside the map — jump over the fallen factory walls with broken windows to see it for yourself, but it can be collected through the wall.
  • Sector 618: Playstation Exclusive Map – Found in the center of the map, ahead of the “B” marker on a catwalk.
  • Shores of Time: In the center of the map, hop onto the higher ledge over the creek and look behind a crate with a glowing blue stripe.
  • Skyshock: Down from the derelict lighthouse, move toward the shore and look for the tail section of a crashed plane. Near the front of the crashed tail, look in the bushes to spot a well-hidden ghost.
  • Thieves’ Den: Very close to the “A” marker, look in the glowing piles of rocks. If entering the chamber from the center of the map, look left of the marker to easily spot this ghost. It’s right out there in the open.
  • The Timekeeper: Opposite the “A” marker, there’s a tall section of unfinished construct forming a narrow path. Jump and climb onto the left-hand tall platform to grab the ghost wedged in the corner.
  • Twilight Gap: Look for a white box between the gondola that leads to the “B” marker and an interior hall down from the “C” marker. The doorway is marked with a white “5” — the strange crate is a metal enclosure filled with wrapped bricks. The ghost is found inside this container.
  • Vertigo: Take the steps down from the “B” marker and turn right to find the ghost. Very easy to spot.
  • Widow’s Court: Enter the upper-level of the building between the “A” and “C” markers. On the upper level of the ruined structure opposite the church, you’ll find a pile of rocks with this ghost.

That covers all 27 Dead Ghosts.

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