Retro FPS DUSK Gets Its First Trailer, Looks Like Quake on Crack

New Blood, a new games publisher/developer, has revealed its first trailer for its upcoming retro FPS, DUSK. The game was recently shown at PAX 2016, where gamers managed to get some hands-on time with it.

The shooter, described as a retro FPS, is inspired by the fast-paced gameplay of Quake, Hexen, Redneck Rampage and all the great ‘90s shooters with a modern day touch. It features a soundtrack by Andrew Hulshult, known for his work on the recent Rise of the Triad remake and Brutal DOOM, and takes place in the backwoods of the American Northeast, where the player recovers his consciousness after finding himself dangling from a meat hook.

The game is set across three campaign episodes and has players blasting away cultists, militants and an assortment of supernatural entities with a vast arsenal of makeshift weaponry, including sawblades, shotguns and grenade launchers.

DUSK also contains an endless mode that pits players against wave after wave of enemies until they’re dead.

It comes out in 2017. Watch the trailer above. Look at the screenshots below. Boom. Done.


Disclosure: I’m friends with Andrew and some of the guys at New Blood. It’s not that hard to write disclosures.