Destiny: Rise of Iron – How to Get the Thorn Exotic | Weapon Quest Guide


The Thorn Hand Cannon gets a Year 3 incarnation in Destiny: Rise of Iron, and unlocking it should sound pretty familiar to veterans of the series. Like the original model, you’ll need to finish an Exotic Bounty quest to fully unlock this killer revolver. Check out the quick step-by-step guide below to fast-track your Thorn acquisition.

There are plenty more Year 1 Exotics returning in Rise of Iron. The Gjallarhorn gets an old-school update, and the Khvostov is enhanced with three alternating fire modes that can transform the weapon into any of the three main rifle categories. Both of these exotics also have their own unique quest chains to unlock, but they don’t drop randomly like the Thorn. They require very specific tasks — check out our exotic guides in the link bank below for more Exotic weapon tutorials.

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How to Get the Thorn Exotic | Weapon Quest Guide

The Thorn Hand Cannon, one of the most-hated Exotics in Destiny Year 1, can now be collected in Rise of Iron. Like the original, the Exotic Bounty is a random drop from completing any regular Bounty missions.

  • How to Get the Exotic Thorn Bounty Quest: Complete bounties — it will randomly drop. Confirmed to work for Shiro’s Weekly Vanguard Bounties by Redditor SteviaSteve, but other Bounty-Givers might also work.

Once you’ve got the actual quest, here’s what you’ll need to accomplish for the Bounty.

  • Step #1: Complete “The Wretched Eye” strike and defeat Kovik at the end. Can be completed on Normal or Heroic difficulty.
  • Step #2: Kill Fallen in the Plaguelands Patrol — Need to kill about 500 Fallen faction enemies.
  • Step #3: Earn 125 kills in the Crucible using only Void damage. Cannot be Private matches, and any deaths will not set back your total void-kill counter.
  • Step #4: Consume 5 motes of light — Motes of Light are rewarded for earning XP past Level 40, a random Crucible drop, or a random drop from dismantling gear.
  • Step #5: Find a Skeleton Key, which is a random drop in Strikes, and take it to the Strike Hoard at the end of the “The Abomination Heist” Strike. Completing the quest “None Are Perfect” is guaranteed to drop one free Skeleton Key.

And that’s it! That’s how to unlock your Year 3 Thorn, and fancy it up with the Rose Exotic adornment to make this Hand Cannon even more ostentatious.

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