Destiny: Rise of Iron – How to Get the Iron Gjallarhorn Exotic | Quest Guide


The legendary Gjallarhorn is back and better than ever in Destiny: Rise of Iron. This weapon has a long and storied history, and this old-school update adds a little heft to a weapon that’s become standard for Destiny veterans.

Basically, everyone wants this thing, and if you’re looking to grab it for yourself, that’s totally a possibility — check out the requirements below to start the “Echoes of the Past” quest. Follow all the steps, and the Iron Gjallarhorn will be your’s, ready to join all those Guardians that won’t raid without it.

There’s one other wrinkle to the Iron Gjallarhorn Exotic quest. Starting it isn’t enough, you’ll also have to track down hidden Iron Medallions hidden in seven locations around the Plaguelands. There’s actually a super-easy trick that makes collecting the medallions a cinch, but we went ahead and including a quick locations list. Not everyone has a scoped Sniper Rifle, right?

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Iron Gjallarhorn Exotic — How to Start the Quest

To get the Iron Gjallarhorn for yourself, you’ll have to first finish the main Rise of Iron story path. Once that’s done, there are two ways you can unlock the “Echoes of the Past” quest and get started.

  • Method #1: Start a Scan Plaguelands Patrol and travel to Archon’s Keep — go to the “Anomaly Scan” marker and pick up the relic. Then find the walker spawn at Site 6. The object to scan is found behind the walker — this is the first Iron Medallion.
    • NOTE: You don’t actually have to kill the walker to scan. Once you clear some of the enemies, it is very possible to run ahead and scan what you need.
  • Method #2: If you pre-ordered the Iron Gjallarhorn Edition of Rise of Iron, the “Echoes of the Past” quest will begin right after you finish the last main story mission.

Once you’re on the right track, talk to Tyra Karn to begin the true Iron Gjallarhorn quest chain. The following quests are difficult, but they can be soloed — there are only two tricky parts that experienced Destiny players might need some extra help with.

Part of this quest requires that your Guardian find 5 Dormant SIVA Clusters. For more help finding these hidden collectibles, check out our complete guide here:

Tyra Karn also requests 7 Iron Medallions. Here are the locations to track them all down — one is located in each zone of “Patrol The Plaguelands”.


How to Easily Spot Iron Medallion Locations: To easily spot Iron Medallion locations, equip any Sniper Score and Aim-Down-Sights — doing this will extend the radius your Ghost detects an Iron Medallion location. A triangle will appear on your map. Just follow it all the way. Neat trick, right?

  • All 7 Iron Medallions Locations
    • Felwinter Peak: Climb to the top of the makeshift rocks. Very early in the area in the jumping maze.
    • Lord’s Watch: In the Plaguelands Patrol spawn, look in the starting room for this area. It’s on a shelf in the small structure you appear in.
    • Giant’s Husk: From the spawn, jump up the hill (or use the buildings) and get onto the ruined overpass. The Iron Medallion is located on the shipping containers on the right-hand side of the road.
    • Archon’s Keep: Go to the fork in the road where the path splits leading to Archon’s Forge and the Forgotten Pass. The Iron Medallion is found outside the entrance to Archon’s Forge, along the exterior of the building.
    • Forgotten Pass: Go to the far end of the ruined bridge to find this Iron Medallion on the ground, on the right-hand side.
    • Bunker Triglav: Stick to the left wall as you enter the Bunker. Beyond a Fallen spawn, find the Iron Medallion near an open room.
    • Site 6: Travel toward the Forge from Archon’s Keep. Follow this path into a narrow passage and back out again. Once you exit the tight path, search the left-hand side of this generator room while dodging Fallen spawns. The room is located underneath Archon’s Forge and the Iron Medallion is at a pipe corner.

That’s it for the Iron Medallions. There’s plenty more you’ll have to accomplish in this quest, including some pretty tough battles, but those are all manageable for a well-equipped guardian, right?

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