Destiny: Rise of Iron – How to Beat All ‘Wrath of the Machine’ Bosses


From the cruel Vosik, the Archpriest, to the massive Siege Engine, to the seemingly unstoppable SIVA Source, the many bosses of in Destiny: Rise of Iron’s tough raid ‘Wrath of the Machine‘ require precision and teamwork to take down. Each boss features a complex set of mechanics you’ll have to learn, and you’ll have to learn those mechanics fast. That’s why we’re here to provide a no-frills, simple step-by-step explanation to cut to the core of the problem, and explain how to defeat all the major boss encounters in Wrath of the Machine.

This isn’t a walkthrough for the full raid, so if you’re looking for help surviving the other challenges, or want a more in-depth look into each boss battle, how the mechanics work, and what strategies you’ll want to take, then check out our lengthy Destiny: Rise of Iron – Wrath of the Machine Raid Guide. There you’ll find SIVA clusters, Exotic chests, and more explanations.

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Wrath of the Machine – How to Beat Every Boss

This guide isn’t about getting bogged down in the details. Let’s go over the basic steps you’ll need to accomplish to actually damage (and not get killed by) each boss in Wrath of the Machine. 

How to Beat Vosik, the Archpriest [Encounter 1]

The first boss encounter is found outside the actual raid interior. In the very first room, you’ll find Vosik ready to fight, surrounded by strange generator devices. His shield is invulnerable to normal weapon fire — this is how to actually hurt him.

  1. Recharge the Generators to Spawn SIVA Bombs
    • Generators are recharged by collecting voltage pick-ups that appear randomly around the arena.
    • Collect four voltage pick-ups (you have 15 seconds to collect each) then slam a generator. Rinse and repeat until the generator is recharged.
    • Kill any Energy Eaters that get close to your generator. They sap energy.
  2. Throw SIVA Bombs at Vosik to damage his shields.
    • Only SIVA Bombs will damage his shield.
    • Vosik’s shields only recharge at certain damage intervals.
  3. Once the shield is down, Vosik is vulnerable to damage from any normal weapos.
    • After a certain amount of damage received, Vosik’s invulnerable shield will recharge.
    • Recharge the generators again, spawn more SIVA Bombs, and throw the bombs to drain his shield.

After you damage Vosik to about 15% of his health, he’ll retreat. Follow him into his lair for the real battle.

How to Beat Vosik, the Archpriest [Encounter 2]

The second encounter with Vosik is much harder than the first. Be prepared to deal with dangerous Splicer Captains and the deadly SIVA Density Critical attack.

  1. Use the SIVA Bombs to drain Vosik’s shield. SIVA Bombs randomly spawn from the ceiling.
    • Vosik features two layers of protection — his shield, and a red barrier.
    • Throw one SIVA Bomb to deactivate the barrier for a handful of seconds  — any further SIVA Bombs will damage his shields. Try to hit him with 3+ SIVA Bombs at the same time.
  2. Watch out for the “SIVA Density Critical” attack. A warning will alert your Guardian through the HUD.
    • This attack occurs under two conditions:
      1. After taking down Vosik’s shields, damaging him, and his shield recharges — the SIVA attack will pop.
      2. If you fail to shoot (or shoot the wrong) monitor. Watch for a glowing monitor in the background that crackles red energy. Shoot it with an accurate primary weapon to disable the attack.
    • When this attack initiates, retreat to one of the two side-room at the back-left / back-right corners of the room, opposite Vosik’s platform. Bring everyone inside and shoot the glowing wall panel to seal the side-room in a shield. This will protect you from the SIVA burst.
  3. When Vosik’s shield is completely drained, he is vulnerable to attacks.
    • Like before, after a short amount of time, Vosik’s shield will recharge.
    • When it recharges, he will automatically unleash a “SIVA Density Critical” attack.

Drain his shields with the SIVA Bombs, DPS Vosik, shoot the monitors as they glow, and retreat to the bunker to avoid a team wipe from the SIVA burst. Moving on, you’ll reach a different kind of boss battle.

How to Beat Siege Engine

The massive Siege Engine is more puzzle than boss battle. You’ll have to disable it, board it, and then repair it to completely destroy this enormous war machine. Here are all the steps.

  1. Shoot the turrets and the core of the Siege Engine in the first phase.
    • Deal with the army of Splicers.
    • Target the turrets to the left / right of the ‘head’ of the Engine.
    • A bright orange core will open once you destroy both turrets.
    • Shoot the core until a piece of the Siege Engine breaks off.
  2. Ride the Siege Engine into the second phase.
    • Jump through the large hole that opens in the Siege Engine and ride ontop of the vehicle.
    • Avoid the upper platforms. You’ll take damage if you’re too high up.
    • In the second arena, disembark and kill the Splicer Captain on the opposite side of the arena.
  3. Collect the Vehicle Parts and repair the Siege Engine
    • Three parts will drop after killing the Splicer Captain in the second arena.
    • The three parts are extremely heavy — switch between two teams of three, carry the parts for up to 15 seconds until you become encumbered / exhausted.
    • Drop all three parts in front of the Siege Engine. To lower the ramp, shoot the core on the back-side of the ‘head’ — kill the Splicer Engineer that spawns, as well.
    • Once the ramp lowers, attach all three parts to different spots on the Siege Engine itself.
      • Drive Shaft: To the right, near the top of the ramp used to access the Siege Engine with the parts.
      • War Head: On the right-side, look on the central platform for a missile tube.
      • Engine Block: Attach to the rusted truck in the back-left corner.

Connect all three parts, and the Siege Engine will tumble into the abyss. Far into the Perfection Complex, you’ll finally encounter the SIVA Source.

How to Beat SIVA Source

The SIVA Source is a complex boss battle that involves three elemental Cannons you’ll need to match with multiple spawning Elemental Servitors. Learning the mechanics in this battle will help in the next (and final) sequence.

  1. Get the three Elemental Cannons; Void, Shock, and Scorch
    • Kill the Splicer Reaver Vandal and three Captains will spawn.
    • Kill all three Splicer Captains and collect the three Cannons.
  2. Kill the Elemental Servitors with matching Elemental Cannons
    • Only matching Elemental Cannons can kill the Elemental Servitors; Void kills Void, Shock kills Shock, Scorch kills Scorch.
    • Hold down the trigger to charge Elemental Cannons so they can kill Servitors in one hit.
    • Collect the SIVA Bombs the Servitors drop.
  3. Use the SIVA Bombs to destroy the SIVA Containment Cores
    • SIVA Containment Cores spawn on the platform housing the SIVA Source.
    • There are three waves of SIVA Cores that spawn — 2, 3 and 5.
    • 2, 3 and 5 Servitors will appear in waves.
    • One SIVA Bomb will destroy one SIVA Core.

Destroy all the cores, and the final boss will finally reveal itself.

How to Beat Aksis, Archon Prime

The final battle is a tough one. You’ll need to handle 380 Light enemies — be prepared for a fight.

  1. Kill Shanks until your team is Empowered
    • 3 out of your 6 Guardian team will become Empowered.
    • Empowered allows you to stun Aksis after taking out his shields. Jump onto the glowing spot on his back and slam to stun Aksis for longer.
    • Aksis will teleport up to three times, giving you up to three chances to slam with Empowered.
  2. Get the three Elemental Cannons and kill the matching Elemental Servitors
    • Just like last time, killed Elemental Servitors will drop SIVA Bombs.
    • Kill all three Elemental Captains (they only spawn after you’re Empowered) and get their Elemental Cannons.
    • This will cause a series of Elemental Servitors to spawn. Kill them with matching Elemental Cannons.
  3. Take down SIVA’s shield and keep him stunned
    • Three successful SIVA Bomb hits will disable Aksis’ shield.
    • Once the shield is down, he will randomly teleport to one of four locations.
    • Jump on Aksis’ back (the glowing red spot) with an Empowered Guardian to slam him, stunning him.
    • You can slam / stun him up to three times. If you miss, Aksis’ shield will recharge.
  4. Avoid the SIVA Density Critical attack.
    • This insta-kill attack returns. Aksis pops it after his shields recharge.
    • To escape, retreat to one of the four pillars outside the arena with light in the center.
      • Each time a pillar is used to escape the SIVA event, it will short out. You can only use each pillar once. Make sure your team only uses on pillar per round. This still only gives you four rounds to kill Aksis.

Repeat the process to finally defeat Aksis, Archon Prime. With that defeat, you’ll have completed the Wrath of the Machine raid. Not too bad, right? Now your team knows what to do, even during all that chaos.

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