Lots of New Info For Destiny: Rise of Iron Emerge; Will Feature Record Book and New Artifacts


Bungie is providing GameInformer exclusive Destiny coverage for all of August, so expect a lot of new information regarding Destiny’s upcoming expansion Rise of Iron getting revealed within the next couple of weeks.

One of these new details is the progression system used in Rise of Iron, since it’s going to use a Rise of Iron Record Book, which will track “your progress through the entirety of the expansion.”

A new Rise of Iron Record Book now tracks your progress through the entirety of the expansion, echoing similar systems that were used for last year’s SRL event, or the more recent Moments of Triumph for Year 2. This record book has discrete tasks to be completed throughout the Rise of Iron content, and completing any task adds to your overall percentage completion of the record book. Reach designated percentage completion points, and you gain new armor, emblems, and more.

In addition to that, Bungie decided to completely overhaul artifacts, and add eight new artifacts in total.

Each of these artifacts has a game-changing ability attached to it. One offers the option to melee enemy units and gain their allegiance for a short time. A second artifact eliminates your super, but gives you two grenades, two melees, and an increase in all your stats. Each of the artifacts can be combined with exotic weapons and armor, as well as subclasses, to create new and interesting build options. Moreover, every one of the new artifacts is meant to evoke the character of the Iron Lord for which it is named. For instance, Jolder tended to charge headlong into danger, so her artifact eliminates the sprint recharge delay.

Destiny: Rise Of Iron releases on September 20.