Bungie Has No Plans to Sell Destiny Raid Items for Real Money

Bungie has issued a statement clearing up some of the rumors that have been surfacing after this week's launch of the Eververse Trading Company, which introduced microtransactions into the game.

Players previously discovered while datamining Destiny that a number of items, including consumables to be used in the King's Fall raid, were being listed as purchasable. This caused an outcry among the fanbase, who assumed that the developer would charge real money for consumable items that would either aid the player in attaining loot or make the challenge easier.

This isn't the case, says Bungie. 

"We’re not doing that," the studio explained. "The files in question were actually first uncovered some time ago, well before the launch of Eververse Trading Company. They weren’t ever intended to be sold in exchange for Silver," referring to the game's new currency.

"What you’re seeing are remnant files for Three of Coins or Moldering Shard like items that would have been available from Xûr. Ultimately, the team decided that they didn’t have a place in the game, and cut them from the experience. You’re seeing some dust and echoes from the cutting room floor."

"Files that get datamined aren’t official sources of news, though we understand why they are intriguing," says the studio. 

So there you go.