Xbox Executive Not Giving Any Details On Project Scorpio Price Yet


When both Sony and Microsoft made their announcements of upcoming updated consoles that would still be considered as part of the current generation of video game consoles, there’s been some speculation as to which company will top the other. Now that Sony has unveiled their PlayStation 4 Pro to the world, Microsoft has continued to make bold statements. Although, one key aspect that may affect just how well the upcoming Project Scorpio will do when compared to the PlayStation 4 Pro is its price point.

There are plenty of potential consumers for the updated consoles set to release in the near future. While Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro does add some 4K capabilities, Microsoft continues to push out statements on how the Project Scorpio console will be the most power video game system to have released so far.

While there will be plenty of gamers who will jump on the Project Scorpio console for its graphical enhancements compared to the PlayStation 4 Pro, a price point will still be a massive deciding factor. Recently Microsoft Xbox executive, Albert Penello, spoke with Eurogamer and while the interview does bring up the question as to if the Project Scorpio console will be more expensive than the PlayStation 4 Pro, Albert refused to answer.

Eurogamer makes mention of how the Project Scorpio console will have a bigger processor, more RAM, and a potential 4K Blu-ray drive which would mean a bigger price tag compared to the PlayStation 4 Pro. Albert Penello does make mention that it will be an interesting discussion in the future but, the Microsoft team has yet to make any announcements in terms of price.

Since Sony will have an early start with the release of their PlayStation 4 Pro, it could be an uphill battle for Microsoft regardless of the specifications packed into their console. Likewise, with a late start, Sony could meet a price cut during the release of the Project Scorpio, forcing Microsoft to drop their console price as well.