A Familiar Face Shows Up in Sniper Elite 4’s Gameplay Trailer


Italy. World War II, 1943. Master marksman Karl Fairburne wrecks havoc across the coasts and countryside. His mission? Stop the Fascists and free the townfolk from the regime of terror they were forced into. The stakes are of historic proportions. Having tours in Germany and Africa back in the previous Sniper Elite games, visiting the Italian front was inevitable. With the upcoming Sniper Elite 4, the development team over at Rebellion is ready to show you the world they’ve created in their first gameplay trailer for the title.

The dynamic nature of the map and the variables at play means you’re going to have to make every shot count. Conserve your ammo by stealthily taking down your foes personally – grab them and toss em over the ledge. Stake out the field. The highly detailed and massive environments in Sniper Elite 4 means you’ll have a lot of targets to shoot. Booby-trapping where you can will help bring that enemy count faster, when things get crazy. But in the end, this game is all about skillful timing. When you line up a long distance shot just right, you’ll get an inside look at the enemy’s bones and organs as they explode. But timing is still important in chaotic situations too. Like when you’re trying to dodge machine gun fire.

No World War II game would be complete without a nod to Hitler, and if you pre-order the game today you get a bonus mission centered around him, plus Camo skins for your rifle. Sniper Elite 4 is set to arrive on February 14th 2017 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. To learn more about the game, check out their website, Twitter, and Facebook.