Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon: Level Up Fast With SOS Chansey | Easy XP Farming Guide

Gaining XP fast is pretty simple in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon, thanks to the XP sharing systems introduced in earlier games in the series. But, there are ways to speed up the process even faster. If you’ve got Pokémon with False Swipe or similar powers, you can summon an endless army of SOS Pokémon and smash them every turn for huge XP rewards.

It’s really, really easy and super-effective for all your post-game grinding needs. The method explained on this game is only available after you’ve become Champion of the Alola Region, but the basic principles will apply at any level in your journey. Just for clarification’s sake, this strategy is extremely useful for any Pokémon at lower or equal to Level 57.

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Level Up Fast With SOS Chansey | Easy XP Farming Guide

Before you can start raking in easy XP and leveling up Pokémon super-fast, you’ll want to grab a few items and get prepared. These preparations will make XP farming much easier, but aren’t absolutely required. You can still skip straight to the XP farming if you don’t want to maximize.

  • What You’ll Need First:
    1. Lucky Egg – Talk to Prof. Kukui after obtaining at least 50 species of Pokémon.
    2. An Absol Pokémon – Catch one of these bad boys on Mount Lanakila.
      • Absol is useful for two reasons; the False Swipe move, an attack that leaves Pokémon with 1 HP.
      • …and the Pressure ability. Try to catch an Absol with Pressure.


This is a very similar tactic to regular old Sun and Moon — just like in that game, we’re going to take advantage of SOS Pokémon encounters. First, I’ll list the broad steps, then get into the details below.

  • The Blissey / Chansey Farming Method:
    1. Go to Poni Island, Poni Meadow.
    2. Find a shaking bush and save your game. Chansey will often spawn and ambush from a bush in this area.
    3. Get close to the bush — if a chansey jumps out, fight it! If not, reload until one does appear.
    4. Send out Absol with False Swipe and Pressure. Any Pokémon with that combo will work.
      • Pressure will increase the chances of your opponent calling for SOS Pokémon.
    5. Use False Swipe to lower Chansey’s HP to 1.
      • Use Adrenaline Orbs after that to further increase chances of SOS Pokémon.
    6. Defeat the Chansey / Blissey that’s summoned. You’ll get 5k / 7k XP respectively for each defeat.
    7. Don’t defeat the original Chansey. Just keep your HP up, and defeat the incoming SOS Pokémon until you’ve got all the XP you want.

See? This method is incredibly effective and super easy to complete post-game. It’s only useful for leveling  up your Pokémon fast after you’re already champion, but the method basically applies at any level. You can farm SOS Pokémon at any time.

TIP: And just like always, drop low-level Pokémon in your party and enable XP sharing to level everyone up super-fast. Level 1 Pokémon will gain lots of levels after each individual SOS Pokémon defeat, and you can just keep going from there.

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