Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon: How To Catch Every Legendary | Ultra Wormholes Guide

A huge selection of Legendary Pokémon have been imported directly into Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon, and your trainer can collect these rare treasures through a new mechanic — the Ultra Wormholes. These special holes in time-and-space can take your trainer to alternate realities where it’s possible to collect the rarest of the rare Pokémon without trading or jumping into previous games in the series. Yes, you can even unlock Mewtwo.

Ultra Wormholes, and the mechanics behind them, are a little complicated. So we’re going to explain everything you need to know about this weird end-game feature. Like Mantine Surfing, Ultra Wormholes send your trainer into a mini-game where you’ll have to hit orbs of energy to increase your speed — the further you travel in an Ultra Wormhole, the better your chances of finding a rare Pokémon.

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How To Catch Legendary Pokemon | Ultra Wormholes Guide

Ultra Sun and Moon contain every single Legendary Pokémon from the series’ past. That’s a lot of Pokémon to unlock, and earning them isn’t especially easy. The only way to find these past Legendaries is to use the brand new Ultra Wormholes.

  • NOTE: Ultra Wormholes unlock after you’ve gone through the Ultra Wormhole to travel to Ultra Megapolis in the story.

When you enter an Ultra Wormhole, you’ll ride Solgaleo or Lunala through Ultra Space. The goal is simple — travel as far as you can, collecting energy as you go to travel further and further. Energy orbs become more scarce the further you travel, so you’ll have to learn to be quick to get the most distance in Ultra Space.

  • Ultra Space includes three orb types.
    • Wormholes take your trainer to one of 5 unique environments.
      • Each one contains different Pokémon types for you to catch. The further you travel, the higher the rarity of Pokémon you will find in each wormhole.
    • Orange Energy Orbs increase your energy and allow you to travel faster and further.
      • Orange orbs are plentiful early on, but become much more scarce later on.
    • Blue Energy Orbs drain your energy, making you slow down and weaken.
      • When slow, you’ll be dragged into the gravity field of a wormhole more easily.

Wormhole Types & Rarity

As stated above, there are five unique “worlds” you can reach from Ultra Space wormholes. Before entering a wormhole, you’ll also want to know the rarity of the wormhole.

  • Depending on the distance you travel, wormholes will gain a border that denotes the rarity of that wormhole.
    1. No Border
    2. Single Border
    3. Double Border
    4. Purple Double Border

The more light years you put under your belt, the higher the chance these higher-rarity wormholes will appear. The rarest wormholes, the Purple Double Border wormholes, will only begin appearing at 2500 light years — rarity bonuses stop at 4500 light years.

  • Wormholes come in five types. 
    • White Wormholes [Ultra World environment.]
    • Blue Wormholes [Waterfall environment.]
    • Red Wormholes [Rocky Mountain environment.]
    • Yellow Wormholes [Underground Cavern environment.]
    • Green Wormholes [Grassy Field environment.]

The White Wormholes will randomly teleport you to one of the Ultra alternate world environments. There are several, and all of them have a chance of encountering an Ultra Beast. Let’s get into the worlds, and which Pokémon / Ultra Beasts will appear.


Ultra Wormhole Pokémon | Wormhole Guide

Finally, we’re at the most important part of the guide. Here, we’ll explain which Pokémon appear in every type of Wormhole, including the rarity for White Wormhole Ultra Beasts. Let’s get started.

  • White Wormhole | Pokémon List
    • Rarity: Common
      • Buzzwole [Ultra Sun Only]
      • Pheromosa [Ultra Moon Only]
      • Nihilego
    • Rarity: Uncommon
      • Kartana [Ultra Sun Only]
      • Celesteela [Ultra Moon Only]
      • Xurkitree
    • Rarity: Rare
      • Guzzlord
  • Blue Wormhole | Pokémon List
    • Legendary:
      • Latios [Ultra Sun Only]
      • Kyogra [Ultra Sun Only]
      • Lugia [Ultra Moon Only]
      • Latias [Ultra Moon Only]
      • Azelf
      • Uxie
      • Mesprit
      • Kyurem [Reshiram & Zekrom Required]
      • Suicune [Entei & Rakou Required]
    • Common:
      • Barbaracle
      • Floatzel
      • Lombre
      • Quagsire
      • Stunfisk
  • Green Wormhole | Pokémon List
    • Legendary:
      • Dialga [Ultra Sun Only]
      • Raikou [Ultra Sun Only]
      • Xerneas [Ultra Sun Only]
      • Reshiram [Ultra Sun Only]
      • Zekrom [Ultra Moon Only]
      • Entei [Ultra Moon Only]
      • Cobalion
      • Virizion
      • Terrakion
      • Mewtwo
    • Common:
      • Audino
      • Drapion
      • Grumpig
      • Heliolisk
      • Nuzleaf
  • Yellow Wormhole | Pokémon List
    • Legendary:
      • Groudon [Ultra Sun Only]
      • Heatran [Ultra Sun Only]
      • Palkia [Ultra Moon Only]
      • Regigigas [Ultra Moon Only]
      • Regice
      • Registeel
      • Regirock
      • Giratina [Palkia & Dialga Required]
    • Common:
      • Abomasnow
      • Crustle
      • Hippowdon
      • Magcargo
      • Medicham
  • Red Wormhole | Pokémon List
    • Legendary:
      • Ho-Oh [Ultra Sun Only]
      • Tornadus [Ultra Sun Only]
      • Yveltal [Ultra Moon Only]
      • Thundurus [Ultra Moon Only]
      • Moltres
      • Zapdos
      • Articuno
      • Cresselia
      • Rayquaza [Kyogre & Groudon Required]
      • Landorus [Thundurus & Tornadus Required]
    • Common:
      • Altaria
      • Swanna
      • Swellow
      • Sigilyph
      • Yanmega

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