Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon: How To Farm BP Fast | Beach Surfing Guide

Beach Points are just another form of currency you can earn in Pokémon Ultra Sun & Moon — they’re new to the series, but they’re pretty similar to Battle Points in this alternate Alolan Islands. Like any awesome little currency, it’s always good to earn as much as you can to purchase some pretty cool items. You’ll find regular items, rare items (like Rare Candy!), new moves, and even a surf-loving Pikachu.

Beach Points are, generally, pretty stingy — but you can earn up to 10 points per quick session. It doesn’t involve fighting at all. This is all about riding Mantine and pulling off sweet tricks on Heahea Beach. The area features an entirely new minigame, and your goal is to ride Mantine and do tricks from a variety of surf spots. Melemele is the first, but keep working at you’ll be able to finish every level of each course. Here’s what to do.

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How To Farm BP Fast | Easy BP Guide

To earn BP super-fast, it’s recommended that you gain a powerful Pokémon first, like Charizard  — they can have passive abilities that will increase the points you’ll earn in Mantine mini-games, and that helps make farming even faster, but you can still use this method without a totally optimized team.

  • BP Farming Method:
    1. Go to Heahea Beach on Akala Island.
    2. Ride the Mantine and select “Melemele Surf Spot”.
    3. Boost your speed to reach the “orange” top-speed state.
      • To boost speed, move up (right) and then down (left) the wave rapidly.
    4. Jump off the wave and complete as many tricks as you can.
      • Lanturn 360, once unlocked, should be your main move.
    5. Land back on the wave, rapidly get your speed up to max, and jump again.
    6. Keep getting your speed up to max, then jumping and doing tricks mid-air.

Keep completing surf spots and getting first place to earn easy BP and new moves that will let you unlock even more moves, making first place victories even easier. If you can get all the moves, you can even unlock Surf Pikachu.

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