Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon: Island Scan Guide | Full Schedule & Locations

Island Scan returns to Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon, with a whole list of new Pokémon for you to unlock — if you scan on the right day of the week. There are tons of Pokémon that don’t appear in the Alola Region that you can locate and capture using Island Scan, and here we’re going to reveal every single Pokémon you can get, and where to find them.

Island Scan can be activated after you’ve earned enough QR Code points. After scanning QR Codes, you’ll get 10 points (20 points for certain special codes) and you can complete an Island Scan after collecting 100 points. Depending on the island you’re on and the day of the week, you can find special earlier-generation Pokémon like Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander, and tons of other Starter Pokémon that are absolutely worth collecting. No trades required.

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Island Scan Guide

As explained in the intro, Island Scan will scan the current island you’re on, and depending on the day of the week, show you a special Pokémon you can’t normally catch. You’ll have one hour to catch the Pokémon, but that should be plenty of time. If you go to the location listed by Island Scan, it should only take a few encounters before you find the Island Scan Pokémon.

  • NOTE: Purchase lots of Repel items to make it easier to reach the Island Scan location without wasted time with wild encounters.

Island Scans are unlocked with QR Codes — for every QR Code you scan with the in-game Ultra Sun and Moon “app”, you’ll earn 10 points. Some codes will give you 20 points. When you have 100 points, you can use Island Scan.  


Here’s a huge gallery filled with QR Codes you can scan. That should be more than enough to keep you stocked-up on Island Scans for awhile.

Any QR Code can be scanned, but Wonder Scans can only be done once every two hours. Basically, you can only Island Scan once a day. Island Scan Pokémon will not S.O.S. and they have a low capture rate, so bring powerful Pokeballs when hunting them.

Island Scan Pokémon List | Daily Schedule & Locations

Certain Pokémon will only appear if you use Island Scan on a specific day of the week. You can change the 3DS date / time to “cheat” this system if you’re impatient, or just wait for the following days. Scan on the island with the following location, on the day, to find the Pokémon you want.

  • Sunday
    • Charmander (Route 3)
    • Ralts (Route 6)
    • Rhyhorn (Blush Mountain)
    • Eelektross (Poni Grove)
  • Monday
    • Squirtle (Seaward Cave)
    • Spheal (Route 7)
    • Swinub (Tapu Village)
    • Aggron (Poni Plains)
  • Tuesday
    • Onix (Ten Karat Hill)
    • Combusken (Route 8)
    • Prinplup (Route 16)
    • Rotom (Poni Gauntlet)
  • Wednesday
    • Horsea (Kala’e Bay)
    • Honedge (Akala Outskirts)
    • Grotle (Ula’ula Meadow)
    • Leavanny (Poni Meadow)
  • Thursday
    • Scatterbug (Hau’oli City)
    • Beedrill (Route 4)
    • Pidgeot (Route 10)
    • Chesnaught (Exeggutor Island)
  • Friday
    • Bulbasaur (Route 2)
    • Grovyle (Route 5)
    • Monferno (Route 11)
    • Greninja (Poni Wilds)
  • Saturday
    • Litwitck (Hau’oli City Cemetery)
    • Marshtomp (Brooklet Hill)
    • Axew (Mount Hokulani)
    • Delphox (Ancient Poni Path)

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