Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon: How To Get Shiny Pokemon Fast | Wormhole Running Guide

There’s a new method for getting Shiny Pokémon in Ultra Sun and Moon. Wormhole Running makes farming for shinies easy — easier than every before — and it practically guarantees a shiny with a few hours of effort. That sounds like a lot, but when it comes to finding shinies in the wild, that’s a godsend we’ve never seen before in any previous Pokémon.

Wormhole Running is exactly what it sounds like — instead of getting into endless Pokémon battles and trying to farm S.O.S. Pokemon until a rare shiny appears, you can instead use your skills in and Ultra Wormhole. The further you travel (measured in Light Years) in this minigame, the higher your chances will be of encountering an honest-to-god shiny Pokemon. Normally, these guys appear about 1% of the time — your chances are much, much better here.

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How To Get Shiny Pokemon

Shiny Pokémon are super-rare variants of regular Pokémon. They’re purely cosmetic, but finding a shiny Pokémon can drastically increase your trading ability — also, they’re totally awesome. Shiny Pokémon are the rarest finds, but there are ways to make farming a whole lot easier. In this instance, we’ll be using Ultra Wormholes to speed up the shiny Pokémon farming process.

Ultra Wormholes are available after you become Alola Champion, and are located in the Altar of the Sunne / Moone.

  • The ‘Wormhole Running’ Method
    • Enter the Ultra Wormhole to start a mini-game — at 3,000+ Light Years, you’ll begin increasing your chances of finding Shiny Pokémon.
    • Travel further than that, and your chances will continue to increase.
    • Playing with Ultra Wormholes, it’s possible (and probable) to find about 1 Shiny Pokémon per hour.

Not only that, but Shiny Pokémon can be “soft reset” — whether a Pokémon is shiny or not is determined when you enter a wormhole. Nature and IVs are determined when you enter the battle — meaning you can reset the Pokémon and try for better quality Shiny Pokémon.


While Wormhole Running, Pokémon in wormholes discovered at high LY (Light Years) will always have at least 3 Perfect IVs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To improve Wormhole Running, you can change your controls from Motion-Controlled to D-Pad-Controlled. That gives you much, much more fine control, making it easier to reach a higher LY.

How To Change Ultra Wormhole Controls: Go to Heahea City, Akala Island and enter the GameFreak Offices and talk to the Aether scientist on the left. He’ll swap controls for you.

The further you travel, the higher your LY, and the more likely you are to encounter powerful, competitive Shiny Pokémon. For more help learning about Ultra Wormholes, scroll up and check out our full Legendary Pokémon guide to see which Pokémon will appear in every type of Wormhole.

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