Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon: Where To Get Free Pokemon | Gift NPC Locations

Who doesn’t like free Pokémon? Every once in awhile, you’ll find kindly NPCs that will just give you a free Pokémon just for talking to them in Ultra Sun and Moon. Sometimes you’ll have to complete a task, but all the Pokémon on this list are totally gifts — no need to catch these suckers. It’s all about finding the right NPC, talking to them, or doing whatever it is they want you to do. And presto! Free Pokémon.

Some really rare Pokémon can be collected from these gift-givers. Like the previous game in the series, Sun and Moon, these NPCs are scattered across the Alolan Islands, so they’re very easy to miss your first time around. Special Pokémon like Zygarde, Type: Null, and even an Ultra Beast (Poipole) are all gift Pokémon. Here’s when and where to pick them up.

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Where To Get Free Pokemon | Gift NPC Locations

Talk to the NPCs at the following locations. We’ll list these in the (general) order you’re likely to reach these locations / unlocks, and what Pokémon you’ll get for talking to these NPCs.

Route 1

  • Professor Kukui: Talk to him in Route 1. This is a story event, so you won’t miss them. He’ll let you choose one of three Pokémon.
    • Litten
    • Rowlet
    • Popplio

Paniola Ranch

  • Paniola Ranch NPC: Talk to the lady behind the desk to the right to get your first Pokémon Egg at Paniola Ranch. The egg will hatch into an Eevee every time.
    • Eevee

Poni Island – Seafolk Village

  • Trainer NPC: Talk to the Trainer in the Huntail-shaped boat. He’ll give you a Pokémon, no questions asked.
    • Aerodactyl

Heahea City – Heahea Beach

  • Surfing Association NPC: Get the high score on all four Mantine Surfing courses, and you’ll be sent to the Surfing Association office in Heahea City. Talk to the NPC here to get a special surfing Pikachu.
    • Pikachu (w/ Surf)

Ultra Megapolis

  • Ultra Recon Squad: After defeating Ultra Necrozma, the Ultra Recon Squad will offer to give you an Ultra Beast — Poipole. You can decline and pick it up later.
    • Poipole (Ultra Beast)

Poni Island – Ancient Poni Path 

  • Wicke: Talk to Wicke while helping the Ultra Recon Squad after defeating the Elite Four. She will give you Type: Null and Memory Discs to evolve it.
    • Type: Null

Route 15 – Aether House

  • Aether NPC: Talk to the Aether employee in the back of the Aether House after defeating the Elite Four at the top of Mount Lanakila.
    • Porygon

Route 16 – Aether Office

  • Dexio: Defeat Dexio in a Pokémon Battle and he’ll give you Zygarde. He’ll also supply you with items you need to evolve Zygarde. To get 100% Zygarde, you’ll need to catch a wild Zygarde in Resolution Cave.
    • Zygarde

Heahea Beach

  • Prof. Oak: After collecting certain amounts of Totem Stickers, talk to Professor Oak on Heahea Beach to gain Totem-sized Pokémon. Here’s the order you’ll unlock them.
    • 20 Stickers: Gumshoos (Ultra Sun) / Alolan Raticate (Ultra Moon)
    • 40 Stickers: Alolan Marowak (Ultra Sun) / Araquanid (Ultra Moon)
    • 50 Stickers: Lurantis (Ultra Sun) / Salazzle (Ultra Moon)
    • 70 Stickers: Vikavolt (Ultra Sun) / Togedemaru (Ultra Moon)
    • 80 Stickers: Mimikyu
    • 100 Stickers: Ribombee (Ultra Sun) / Kommo-o (Ultra Moon)


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