Resident Evil Village Wiki | Everything You Need To Know

Resident Evil Village is a new action-horror classic that’s going to stick with us for a very long time. The game jumps from one action-packed sequence to the next, throwing an entire smorgasbord of horror at the often-abused hero Ethan Winters. Just because Ethan’s hands are tortured every in-game hour doesn’t mean you have to suffer.

This might not be the longest game in the series, but it absolutely crushes it when it comes to content. There are secrets to find, weapons to unlock, collectibles to discover, and challenges to complete. There’s so much stuffed into this game, we just had to put together an all-encompassing list of all the guides we’ve done. There are location guides, boss tips, galleries and explainers abound. We’ve got 20+ articles dedicated to Resident Evil Village below. That’s enough to help anyone survive the Village of Shadows.

General Tips & Beginner Guides

Curious about Resident Evil Village? Explore the early hours or spoil the many monsters you’ll encounter in the gallery.

Puzzle Solutions Guides

Puzzles can be a huge pain in the neck. Here’s how to solve all the toughest puzzles.

Guns, Weapon Parts & Upgrades Guides

Fully upgrade and arm Ethan Winters with these gun part locations and rare recipe meats.

Bosses & Battle Guides

We’re all about those bosses. Here’s an overview of all the big boss encounters and how to deal with them.

Collectibles, Treasures & Key Items Guides

The meat of our guides. Here’s where to find collectibles and valuable treasures you can easily miss.

End-Game Guides

Spoilers ahoy! These end-game guides are best saved until after you’ve beaten the story once.