Resident Evil Village: How To Complete Weapon Kill Challenges Fast | CP Farming Guide

To get the best cheats in Resident Evil Village’s Extra Content Store, you’re going to need to collect lots of CP. You can do that by completing multiple challenges per story run, or you can aim to finish up all the Weapon Kill challenges. All the kill challenges are accumulative — you’ll continue to raise your total kill count no matter what you do. It isn’t dependent on your save, and all the kills you score always count, even if you restart from a previous checkpoint. Knowing that, we can farm kills right at the start of the game. This is one of the easiest ways to farm in the game, without having to reach a specific section of the story. Anyone can get here — but you’ll have to wait until you’ve finished the game at least once.

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What Are Weapon Challenges?

Weapon Challenges are special challenges for scoring kills / headshots — there are accumulative kill challenges, and kill challenges for each weapon type. Before beginning your farming, you’ll want to collect every type of weapon, and the most powerful version of each. Infinite ammo isn’t required, but it does make life easier.

Following this method, you can quickly and easily accrue tons of CP that can be used to unlock Infinite Ammo cheats. I recommend going for the Wolfsbane Magnum or the S.T.A.K.E. Magnum. Either will make Village of Shadows playthroughs much, much easier. I also recommend only using this method to collect your specific Weapon Kill challenges for the Handgun, Shotgun, Rifle, Magnum, and so on.

Weapon Challenge Farming

To farm the CP Challenges, start NG+ on Casual, then play until you complete the barn survival area. There’s a checkpoint as you leave the barn and trigger the major survival sequence where Lycans swarm the area.

At the start, shoot down the Lycans standing on the rooftops, then quickly rush through the building and down through the underground path. Reach the hill house, and just keep shooting enemies from the top of the hill. You’ll want to move fast — kill as many enemies as you can — and select ‘Restart Checkpoint‘ after the giant Lycan spawns.

You’ll want to make sure you restart before getting grabbed by a Lycan, automatically ending the sequence. Right now, we don’t know exactly what triggers the end cutscene. It definitely depends on time, but it may also change depending on kills. Set a timer that lasts about 1:30-2:00~after restarting to make sure you don’t overshoot and get grabbed. If you get grabbed, you’ll have to restart the entire run.

If you’re working fast, you can usually score about 12~ kills per run. So it takes about 20~ minutes of farming to finish more weapon challenges. Don’t bother using this for the complete, accumulate kill challenges. Those will go up automatically as you play through Mercenaries and replay the story on different difficulty levels.