Resident Evil Village: All 20 Goat Locations | Collectibles Guide

You’re not truly done with Resident Evil Village until you’ve blasted all the Goat statues. These little wooden goats are all over the village, and some of them are almost impossible to find on your own. There are only 20, and getting them all will get you a load of free CP — RE8 is very replayable, so there’s no reason not to rush through the game a second (or third) time to collect lots of goodies. You’ll find all the Goat statue locations listed in our full guide below.

The first Goat is located in the Graveyard of the village, in a little shrine. There’s a note warning players not to break these sacred objects — but there’s no penalty for doing it. Destroying the first goat gives you the ‘Cynic’ achievement / trophy. There are 19 more. Some are on rooftops in the village. Others are stuck on wooden poles in the Reservoir. One is hidden in the dark in a place nobody would ever think to look. If you want to get them all, you’re probably going to want to check out the guide.

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Goat Locations Guide | All Collectibles

Goat #1: Village (First Visit) – In the Graveyard, north of the Maiden of War, you’ll find a small shrine with the first breakable goat.

Goat #2: Village (First Visit) – A tricky one. You can spot this one on the church rooftop, adjacent to the graveyard / Maiden of War square.

Goat #3: Village (First Visit) – On the way to Luiza’s House, look behind the small building to the left of the front gate. Circle around to a blank wall. The goat is on top of the wall.

Goat #4: Path to Castle – On the way up toward the castle, you’ll enter an area called the Vineyard. Stop and look along the rock wall on the right of the field. There’s a well-hidden goat here.

Goat #5: Castle – After solving the statue puzzle in the room with the blood pool, climb down the ladder. Just as you get off, you’ll find this goat directly in front of you, in the corner.

Goat #6: Castle – In Castle Dimitrescu, reach the Attic through the Atelier — after climbing the ladder, immediately turn around to spot this goat.

Goat #7: Village (Second Visit) – On the Lone Road between the Village and the Ceremony Site, go down the stairs on the bridge and look in the small room.

Goat #8: Village (Second Visit) – South of the Maiden of War, you’ll find a small compound with a lock. Shoot off the lock — there are two buildings here. The left building is locked. Look on the left-side of the right building for a small shed. The goat is sitting on the shed.

Goat #9: Village (Second Visit) – In the Village Graveyard behind the Church, accessible with the Iron Key.

Goat #10: Path to House Beneviento – On the rickety bridge over the foggy ravine, look to the left. There’s a bridge with a goat sitting on it.

Goat #11: House Beneviento – To the left of the entrance door, there’s a small patch of grass on the cliff’s edge. The goat is sitting on the ledge, past the metal fence.

Goat #12: Reservoir – Going to the first windmill where the crank breaks, circle all the way around to the pile of wood. There’s a goat in this dead end corner.

Goat #13: Reservoir – A very tricky one. When you reach the floating area where you have to hit switches to raise the platforms and cross the water, stop at the blue switch console. Face the sluice gate in the far, far distance and look for the goat on a random wooden pole over the water.

Goat #14: Reservoir – After draining the water and defeating Moreau, return to the house where you first found a motorized boat. The water is drained, so you can now access the sunken windmill. Go through the interior and out the back, then look in the wreckage to your left.

Goat #15: Path to Stronghold – Underneath Otto’s Mill, the optional area to the left of the stairs leading to the stronghold. Walk into the water to find a shrine.

Goat #16: Stronghold – In the Stronghold, after the first huge combat encounter inside, you’ll reach a spiral staircase leading down. The goat is on the edge of the staircase, before the exit door.

Goat #17: Factory – In the Ventilation Shaft where you need to shoot out the spinning blades, turn around after getting back up and run to the far end of the corridor. There’s a goat caught in the teeth on the edge of the Grinder.

Goat #18: Factory – A very, very tricky one. Use the Duke’s Emporium elevator to ride between B1 and B3 — then look out toward the massive cavern in the distance. On one of the metal girders right next to the lift, you’ll see the goat. You have to shoot fast to catch it.

Goat #19: Factory – In the B1 Cargo Bay, you’ll reach a control room after defeating Sturm. On the far side, there’s a hidden vent under one of the desks. Crawl into the hidden room to find a goat in the corner.

Goat #20: Underground – While in Chris’s section, after planting the bomb, turn around and look toward the darkness covered in mold roots. There’s a goat that’s very, very well hidden in the deep darkness. Turn up your brightness and it’s possible to spot this thing — just barely.