Resident Evil Village: How To Beat Every Boss | All Monsters & Villains Guide

Lady Dimitrescu isn’t the only giant monster you’ll have to deal with in Resident Evil Village. The cult is ruled by Four Lords, and if Ethan Winters wants to escape with his daughter, he’ll have to take down each lord in their home turf. The bosses fly at you fast, and all of these encounters impressive displays of the RE Engine’s insane technical detail. We’ve included full renders of all the boss characters in the game below for your perusal, and they’re incredibly intricate creations. If nothing else, we can all enjoy just looking at this exquisitely crafted creations.

There are eight major boss fights in RE8, and we’re not even including some of the optional mini-bosses you’ll encounter as you explore the fields and pathways of the blighted village. There are alpha werewolves, lycans, and other abominations — and these big bosses are the worst of the worst, the grossest of the gross. There’s only one monster here we couldn’t show because it’s way too disgusting.

Check out all the gross, weird, and straight-up ugly bosses in the guide below.

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The Three Daughters | Bela, Cassandra & Daniela

The Daughters are initially invincible creatures that ruthlessly hunt Ethan through the castle. They appear as swarms of bugs and attack by surrounding Ethan — there’s no way to hurt them in this form. Just run away if they appear! Running outside is your best bet.

You can only defeat them in specific encounters. You’ll run into them three times — and each fight requires a slightly different strategy.

  • Encounter #1: The first encounter is in the back room of the Kitchen, after escaping the underground. The window will automatically break in the fight, solidifying the Daughter. Block when she attacks and use your pistol / shotgun to take her down. You don’t have much space to move, so you’ll just have to defeat her quickly!
  • Encounter #2: In the Library, another Daughter will attack. You need to find the crank for the skylight, opening it temporarily. While the skylight is open, the Daughter will be vulnerable to attack. The small Library arena also has extra ammo to collect.
  • Encounter #3: The final Daughter encounter is in the Armory. To defeat this one, you need to push the cabinet on the left wall, then use the Pipe Bomb to blast open the cracked wall.

Defeating the Daughters makes your life a lot easier — they’ll stop chasing you through the castle! But, Lady Dimitrescu won’t give up anytime soon.

Lady Dimitrescu

In the Tower of Worship, you’ll find the one weapon that can harm Lady Dimitrescu. After stabbing her, she’ll transform into a flying monstrosity. You’ll take her on at the top of the tower — stock up on Shotgun and Rifle ammo! Both of those work well against mutated Dimitrescu.

On the first tower section, Dimitrescu will smash through the stonework to get at you. When she charges, stay around the corner of the tower or you’ll get hit — the archways won’t stop her! When she’s slowly approaching, aim for the red sawblade mouth with your Shotgun. Pipe Bombs, mines, or shotgun blasts to the open mouth will stun her, giving you time to use the Rifle for some precision shots.

When Dimitrescu flies off into the far distance, shoot her true body with your Rifle. If you do enough damage, she’ll crash land and be stunned for some time. Do enough damage, and you’ll jump to the final phase of the fight. Just remember to guard / block if she charges — even if it looks impossible, you can guard against her attacks. Use the extra ammo on the top floor to finish this creature for good.


After escaping the nightmarish baby in the underground of Beneviento House, you’ll have to fight Angie the Doll. This isn’t a battle — it’s more of a puzzle. Angie will hide amongst the dolls. You need to find her three times before the dolls attack. The many, many dolls in the room will rattle and prepare to attack. The more you look at the dolls (the wrong dolls) the faster they’ll prep. To avoid taking damage, find Angie in the following three rooms.

  • 1st Location: Guest Room, on the floor.
  • 2nd Location: Living Room, behind the cupboard.
  • 3rd Location: Elevator Lobby, on the floor.


The disgusting fishman transforms into a flopping nightmare in the flooded village. This is a huge arena, filled with explosive barrels, extra ammo, and mines. Moreau will slowly chase you, charging along the empty lanes of the village to reach you faster. Sprint to the corners and wait for him — he appears out of the giant monster’s open mouth when he’s about to attack, or when stunned.

There are a few attacks you have to watch out for. When Moreau bloats up, he’s preparing to spew a long stream of bile at you. Keep blocking and walk to cover if you’re caught in it. If Moreau leaps onto a rooftop, look for a ceiling you can hide under. He shoots acid into the air, raining slime onto the entire area. If you’re not under a ceiling, you’ll take constant damage until you die.

The battle against Moreau is long. Restock at the supply points around the stage, and slowly whittle him down, or leave him stunned by placing mines in his path. If you play carefully, you can avoid taking too much damage and bring this mutant down for good.


The alpha lycan you encountered early in the village finally makes a return as a true boss in the Stronghold. His fast-moving moving leaps across the battlefield, and prepares massive forward swings with his oversized weapon. When he lunges at you with an overhead swing, your best bet is to simply run straight forward ahead of him.

At this point in the game, you’ll also have access to the Grenade Launcher and the Magnum. Make use of everything you have — at least the Grenade Launcher, which you can craft extra shells for outside the boss arena. As you do damage to Urias, he’ll summon 2-3 more Lycans to enter the fight. Kill these guys quickly with shotgun blasts, or juke around them. Urias can accidentally kill his own minions with his massive attacks.

The arena is also packed with extra bullets. The pillars don’t provide much protection, as Urias will rip the pillars out of the ground and attempt to throw them at you. Duck around the side of the center altar to avoid getting a big hit. I recommend simply making a sprint from one side of the arena to the other — blast him with grenades to stun him, use your pistol for headshots, and slowly bring this massive creature down. He’s surprisingly one of the hardest bosses in the game, so go in prepared with 3~ Health Drinks.


The nightmare monster that chases you through the underground Factory area. Sturm attacks Ethan before he can reach the Cargo Bay, and you’ll make your final stand. That area is completely destructable, and Sturm will smash down the walls as it charges — clearing the arena and making it easy to avoid him. When he charges, he’ll pause for a moment, giving you time to shoot the generator on its back.

When Sturm is about to charge, sprint left / right until it charges to avoid it. You can also block his charge if you have it — it isn’t an instakill. Planting mines is effective against Sturm, and sets his plane engine on fire. While burning, Sturm will plant himself in place and spew fire. While it’s shooting flames, you can sprint behind it and get in a few good shots.

Sturm looks intimidating, but its a relatively straightforward boss once you get the hang of it. He only has two major moves, but he does take awhile to bring down.


Your battle against Heisenberg begins with you on a special buggy — you’ve got a machine gun, rocket launcher, and chainsaw arm! Use the chainsaw to block while unloading the machine gun endlessly into the glowing red junctions on mutant Heisenberg’s body. Enough shots will cause the chunk of body to break off, forcing Heisenberg to (eventually) regenerate another one. The rocket launcher takes longer to fire, but you can use it to pierce through his defenses or deal a stunning damage blow. You can also block all of his attacks with your chainsaw and continue to fire with your machine gun. Don’t let up!

Eventually, Heisenberg is weakened and pulls you out of your buggy. Now you’ll have to fight him on foot. There’s ammo hidden behind the giant chunks of metal in the field — and Heisenberg is mostly pretty slow. Sprint as far away from him as you can, then fire bullets into his exposed monster face. Anything will do. The trick is to stay on your toes and put as much distance between you and his giant sawblade arms as you can.

Mother Miranda

Mother Miranda is the hardest boss in the game, and one you should save as much Magnum ammo as possible. If you haven’t been buying Health Drinks, this is the best time to do it — stock up at the Duke’s Emporium. If you can afford it, buy extra rifle ammo, pistol ammo, and Magnum ammo. All of them are immensely useful. This is the final boss, so don’t hold anything back. Use everything you’ve got.

Mother Miranda is a powerful monster with three distinct forms she’ll swap between. Her standard form, she’ll glide around the battlefield swinging massive deadly claws. Her trickiest attack is her charge, where she’ll lunge at you, then perform a spin attack. Her attacks also combo into each other, so if you back away, don’t forget to block incase she gets in close. This is another reason you’ll want to get the Duke’s Recipe that gives you greatly increased movement speed. It makes this fight much more manageable.

In Spider Form, she stalks around faster. When flying, she’ll summon blobs of goo that rapidly heat up and shoot at you. Make sure to shoot those blobs down with the pistol. She’ll also generate a massive blob that shoots projectiles at you — take cover behind the mold walls that appear and shoot at the giant blob. It’ll eventually break, stunning Mother Miranda temporarily.

This is a very long and grueling fight. When you have a clear shot, go for headshots on Miranda and use the Magnum. Use all of it! When you’re not using the Magnum, the Rifle works very well. The Grenade Launcher can deal some serious damage, and the pistol can be used as a last resort / weapon to shoot the glowing blobs. When you’ve almost won, you’ll be prompted to shoot Miranda — aim for the giant blob above her head to bring an end to the nightmare.