Resident Evil Village: How To Complete The Necklace With Two Holes | Rare Treasure Guide

Dimitrescu’s Necklace is one of the most valuable treasure items in Resident Evil Village. You’ll need to complete a treasure hunt just to find the necklace — which is worthless without its ruby add-ons. There are two missing blood rubies that exponentially increase the value of this incredibly valuable item. If you manage to get all the pieces, the ‘Necklace With Two Holes’ becomes the fabulous Dimitrescu’s Necklace, and sells for a whopping 50,000 Lei at the store. That’s a boatload, and you’ll need as much cash as you can get for the difficult final stretch of the game.

Completing this treasure is one of the most difficult tasks in RE8 — because you won’t get any clues. There are no hints showing you where to look for the two bonus rubies. You’ll just have to search every square inch of the village to find them, and they’re extremely well-hidden. Not only will you have to backtrack to areas you’ve already forgotten about, you’ll also have to solve mysteries in unique puzzle rooms. Yes, seriously!

That makes this one of the coolest treasure hunts in the game. If you’re still looking for how to complete the ‘Necklace with two holes’ then you’ve come to the right place.

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How To Complete Dimitrescu’s Necklace | Rare Treasure Location

Necklace With Two Holes: In the Village, once you acquire the Well Wheel, go to the Church. Use the Well Wheel on the well in the church courtyard to discover the Necklace.

  • The Well Wheel is an optional item, located in the small building with the Iron Insignia Key door, on the way to the house with the red chimney.

Large Pigeon Blood Ruby: After defeating Moreau and gaining the Crank, return to the Village. Go towards the Ceremony Site to the Lone Road. Use the Drawbridge on the stone bridge and use the boat on the other side. Ride the boat toward the Castle — use the Well Wheel on the well behind the small building to discover a secret ladder.

  • The underground chamber has a special puzzle. Use the platforms to climb up onto the raised ledge with the control panel.
  • Use the control panel to raise the platforms so you can cross over to the opposite side. Push the cart forward as much as possible.
  • Next, use the control panel to raise the platform with the double-stacked cart. Then push the cart off the platform.
  • Now you can use the cart below to climb onto the raised platform above the locked gate. Drop in to collect the ruby. It fits right into the Necklace!

Pigeon Blood Ruby: With the Crank, go to the East Old Town in the Village. In the southwest corner, there’s a locked backyard with chickens. Use the Crank to open the door, then climb the ladder. Follow the ledge, then drop down onto the metal shed roof below.

  • On the metal roof, there’s a small chest containing the second Pigeon Blood Ruby.

Install both Pigeon Blood Rubies onto the Necklace With Two Holes to fully complete this extremely rare treasure. It will then become Dimitrescu’s Necklace — it sells for 50,000 Lei. It’s easily one of the most valuable treasures in the game.