Resident Evil Village: How To Get Rare Recipe Meat | Quality, Finest & Juicy Locations

Want to upgrade yourself in Resident Evil Village? You’re going to have to go hunting. You can earn permanent boosts to your total health, movement speed, and blocking power by cooking meals with the Duke. Later in Village, you’ll unlock this ability — but the best upgrades require specific rare animals. These animals are hard to find — one of them is seriously almost impossible — and they’re all worth getting as soon as possible.

To get rare meat, you need to find unique animals. There are multiple different types of animals you can find while exploring the village; pigs, chicken, and fish are the primary animals. From them, you’ll get poultry, meat, and fish — which can be used to cook recipes at the merchant. Don’t start cooking too early, because it can take a long time to find more meats of certain types. I recommend saving your cooking until you’ve got the very best ingredients. That way you’ll get the most bang for your hunting buck. And anyway, you can get at least two of these recipes immediately after unlocking the cooking menu.

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Rare Meat Locations | Hunting Guide

Quality Meat: When you return to the village, go to the Fallow Plot near Luiza’s House. To the right of the front gate to Luiza’s House, enter the shed and go to the backyard where the well is located. There’s a special white pig. Kill it for the Quality Meat.

  • Recipe: Ciroba de Porc – Damage taken when guarding greatly decreases permanently.

Juicy Game: After completing Beneviento Estate, return to the Village. In the Graveyard, look on the trees behind the mausoleum, opposite the glowing shrine that contains a breakable goat. There’s a blue crow — shoot it to get the Juicy Game.

  • Recipe: Tochitura de Pui – Health greatly increases permanently.

Finest Fish: Complete the Reservoir area and return to the Village with the Crank. Use the Crank on the Drawbridge on the Lone Road — the path to the Ceremony Site. The lowered bridge leads to a boat. Use the boat to ride south. Get off on the dock, and look in the pond to the left.

  • Recipe: Sarmale de Peste – Movement speed increased permanently.