Resident Evil Village: How To Get Every Treasure | All Chests Guide

After escaping Castle Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village, you’ll be free to explore a much larger section of the eponymous village. This is also when the side-quests really open up. After meeting up with the Duke in the Altar area, you’ll find a bunch of treasure chest icons on your map. These are all optional treasure, guns, and weapon upgrades you can track down between fighting the four lords of the village. They’re all 100% worth collecting, and you really shouldn’t miss a single one. Some can be pretty tricky, so we’re going to break down how to get them all.

Resident Evil Village drops you into a creepy town that’s been overrun with strange monsters. Werewolf-like creatures called Lycans are the least of your worries here. There are vampires, ghouls, and things that just defy description. You’ll need all the firepower you can get. The Treasure Chests contain powerful weapons like the Grenade Launcher and the Magnum — and you’ll have to buy them if you progress too far. The treasures are all high value, too. If you’re curious to see what all these Treasure Chests have to offer, here’s how to get them all — and what you’ll get for each one.

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All Treasure Chest Locations

Luiza’s Heirloom: Located at the front door of Luiza’s House, through the Fallow Plot. Accessible after returning to the Village. Examine it to gain the Necklace Stone.

Maestro’s Collection: Located in the locked house south of the Maiden of War. When you return to the village, shoot off the lock on the gate. To get inside, you need the Luthier’s Key — that key is obtained in the house in the Garden of the Beneviento Estate, in the Save Room.

  • In the house, input the code [27-09-17] to the lock on the cabinet. Inside, you’ll find Steel Hraesvelgr treasure, and a case with the F2 Rifle High Capacity-Mag weapon part.

Moreau’s Hidden Weapon: Found in the hills above the Windmill Save Room that leads to the Reservoir. After defeating Moreau, you can use the Crank to unlock the path leading up to his experimentation area. On the locked room at the top of the hill, circle around to crouch through the hole. There’s a Magnum Handgun in the chest. You absolutely can’t miss this!

Waterwheel Weapon: After defeating Moreau, return to the Village. The red gates have been opened on the road south of the Maiden of War — use the Iron Key to unlock the small house here. You’ll find the Grenade Launcher inside.

Beneviento’s Treasure: This treasure is located in the Garden on the path to House Beneviento. It is only accessible after you defeat Moreau in the Reservoir. Afterward, go to the Graveyard in the Village and collect the Broken Slab from the (now open) mausoleum to the left on the path up toward the Castle. Use the Broken Slab on the grave in the flower garden, right before the elevator.

  • NOTE: A very difficult monster will spawn here. It’ll take almost all your ammo to take it out! Or you can just grab the treasure and run.

Riverbank Treasure House: Returning to the Village after defeating Moreau, use the Crank on the Drawbridge on the Lone Road bridge — that’s near the Ceremony Site. Ride the motor boat toward the Castle, and you can find a back entrance to a special treasure chamber.

  • There is a hanging brazier, and three unlit fires. You need to shoot the hanging brazier to swing it into the other two braziers, lighting them.
  • But, you can’t reach the final brazier where the treasure is located. To solve this puzzle, lead an enemy (a ghoul spawns after opening one of the rooms) and shoot the brazier into it, lighting it on fire.
  • Lead the burning enemy to the unlit brazier on the far end of the room. Use it to light your last fire! As a reward, you’ll get the Lady of Gold treasure.

Cannibal’s Plunder: On the way to the Stronghold, there’s a grassy patch to the left of the stairs leading up from the Village toward the Stronghold. Go left to discover Otto’s Mill.

  • The treasure is at the end of this large optional area. There’s a giant enemy inside — you can fight it, or just shoot the two locks on the red door. Aim for the high lock and the low lock!
  • Inside, you’ll find lots of meat, ammo, and a chest with Father Nichola Angel treasure.

Treasure Under The Stronghold: On the way out of the Stronghold, after fighting the powerful Lycan boss, you’ll get a short TV conversation with Heisenberg. Leave through the hallway, and just to your left, you’ll find this treasure chest marker. It’s a very valuable gold plate called Guglielmo’s Plate.