Resident Evil Village: Where To Find All 4 Labyrinth Balls | Rare Treasures Guide

Want to earn free money and play a fun little mini-game in Resident Evil Village? You’ll need to find hidden Labyrinth Balls. There are four “labyrinths” in the village — weird mechanical toyboxes puzzles, where you lead a metal ball through a course. It’s a fun diversion that also gives you a big reward if you complete it. They’re tantalizing little extras and the treasure isn’t is too good to miss. You only have one shot at completing (most) of these Labyrinths, so here’s how to find the key items they require.

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Where To Find All Labyrinth Balls | Puzzle Guide

Labyrinth Balls are unique metal balls, one for each of the four lords, and each ball can be inserted into a labyrinth puzzle. Completing the puzzle rewards you with a very valuable crystal skull you can sell at the Duke’s Emporium.

Flower Swords Ball: Opera Hall – Found in the small room on the second floor of the Opera Hall. The Labyrinth is located in the Castle Vendor room.

Sun And Moon Ball: Garden – Returning from the Beneviento’s Estate, stop and look around the Gardener’s House. There a tree in the backyard with a small box containing this ball. The Labyrinth is located in the Garden House of the Beneviento Estate area.

Mermaid Ball: Reservoir – From the Windmill, use the Crank — acquired during the sequence against Moreau — and follow the optional path up toward the clinic. There’s a small shrine across a wooden bridge with this ball. The Labyrinth is located just behind the Windmill that leads to the Reservoir.

Iron Horse Ball: Factory – Past the B2 Grinder Shaft but before the Ventilation Shaft, there’s a room with stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, push the cart and crawl into the vent to obtain the Ball Mold.

  • Take the Ball Mold to the MB4 Foundry. Use the Ball Mold on the Casting Machine to gain the Iron Horse Ball.
  • Now you can use Labyrinth Puzzle right across the hall from the B4 Lift.