Resident Evil Village: How To Get Heisenberg’s Hammer | Secret Treasure Guide

There’s nothing better than finding secret treasure in Resident Evil Village. We’ve already talked about getting Dimitrescu’s Necklace — which is the most valuable treasure item in the game. Now we’re talking about the second-most valuable. Heisenberg’s Hammer is a two-part treasure that’s extremely easy to miss, and only available in the Factory area. You’ll need to backtrack and search for hidden breakable walls to find it. Yes, there are breakable walls in this game! If you don’t experiment with your very limited explosives, you might not even realize there are any breakable walls.

Heisenberg’s Hammer is worth 45,000 Lei, but only if you find both hidden pieces. Below, we’ll break down exactly where you need to go to get both combinable chunks. If this is the first treasure you’ve combined, you’ll earn the ‘Repairer’ achievement / trophy for repairing a broken treasure. By this point in the game, you’ll probably combine something! And if you’re not reading the item descriptions, again, you might not even realize that treasure items can be combined! RE8 really doesn’t go outs of its way to explain things to the player.

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Heisenberg’s Hammer | Rare Treasure Location Guide

Heisenberg’s Hammer is a very valuable treasure item you can create by collecting two hidden treasures in the Factory. Both pieces are in hidden rooms you won’t normally reach, and selling the repaired hammer to the Duke will earn you 45,000 Lei. At this point in the game, you’ll want all the ammo you can get your hands on.

  • Piece #1: Early in the Factory, you’ll reach the MB4 Engine Room with the rapidly turning (and deadly) pistons. After that, you’ll have to climb down a ladder into a room with two doors. You need to convert the power using a cog — you’ll need to return here later with the cog made in the foundry. In this room, look behind the ladder for a cracked wall. Blast open the wall with a pipe bomb to find the first hidden piece.
  • Piece #2: After restoring power to the facility and acquiring Heisenberg’s Key in the Foundry, take the south exit from the Foundry and use the key to open MB4 Heisenberg’s Quarters. Inside you’ll find some enemies, and the final piece of the hammer.

You need to acquire both parts before leaving the Factory through the Heisenberg Key door at the top. You can sell the weapon at any time — it’s super valuable, and you’ll need all the coin you can get at this point in the game. Both chunks of this thing are pretty well hidden and super easy to miss.