Resident Evil Village Gameplay Demo Extended 

Resident Evil 8 is almost here. Time seemed to fly by from when this game was announced to now being just really a couple of weeks out before the official launch. For fans whether veterans or newcomers, we can start counting down the days. Fortunately, throughout the past several months, we’ve been getting a nice helping of Resident Evil Village content to chew through until the official May 7, 2021 launch.

We’ve had streams, trailers, and demos to enjoy. However, the latter of the three was a bit problematic as fans found the Resident Evil Village demos to be a bit too quick for to really enjoy or even have a chance in playing them. The final demo for this video game was announced for fans to take part in which would give them sixty minutes of content. A full hour is nothing to turn your nose up, but the fact that it was extremely limited to when you could participate made quite a few Resident Evil fans downright angry.

Capcom received a flock of messages complaining over the demo being only available for a single day for participants. Not only did players need to ensure that they had an hour to play through the demo but also make sure that it was even possible for that specific day which at the time was for May 1, 2021. That’s no longer the case as Capcom announced through their official Resident Evil Twitter profile that they have heard the feedback and decided to extend the demo by several days. If you’re living within North America, the demo will be available from May 1 – May 9, while the UK and Europe will receive the game on May 2 – 10. 

This means that players can have several days to play the hour-long Resident Evil Village demo. Likewise, the demo will be put out into the marketplace leading through the actual official launch of Resident Evil Village. If fans find the demo appealing, they can purchase Resident Evil Village on May 7, 2021, for the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms. 

Source: Twitter