Resident Evil Village: How To Earn Lucky Number 7 | 777 Lei Trophy Guide

After beating Resident Evil Village, you’ll be able to earn a special new currency called CP. To do that, you’ll have to finish special challenges — and some of these challenges are completely unreasonable. The ‘Lucky Number 7’ challenge tasks you with having 777, 7,777 or 77,777 Lei in your inventory. That’s a completely random number! How is this even possible!

Well, it’s actually very possible. You’ll also earn an achievement / trophy for scoring this very specific amount of coins. You don’t need to rely on RNG or luck, either. There’s a sure-fire method for finishing one of the weirdest challenges in the game, and you can only do it after completing the game at least once. Just save a few CP — you’ll need to buy a specific weapon.

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How To Earn ‘Lucky Number 7’ | Achievement / Trophy Guide

To get exactly 777 Lei, you’ll need to follow a few steps — this is only obtainable after completing the game at least once, and reaching the Duke. Before starting a NG+, purchase the WCX Assault Rifle from the CP bonus store. You can then collect the weapon at the Duke.

Collect the WCX, and the Assault Rifle Recipe will unlock. Now, start crafting Assault Rifle bullets. You can sell each bullet for 7 Lei. You’ll need exactly 111 Assault Rifle bullets. Purchase stuff from the Duke so you have 0 Lei, then sell 111 AR Bullets to earn back exactly 777 Lei. And that’s it!

Just having 777 Lei will unlock one of the weirdest, trickiest achievements / trophies in RE8. You’ll get a nice infusion of CP for completing this weird little challenge, too.