The Third Dark Pictures Game, House of Ashes, Gets New Teaser Trailer

Supermassive just dropped the second teaser trailer for the third entry in its Dark Pictures anthology, called House of Ashes. We’ve now gotten a look — maybe not a good one, but at least an atmospheric one — at the setting and characters of the new game. We also know the official gameplay reveal will happen on May 27.

Dark Pictures is a series of survival horror games with unrelated stories, all based on the concept that the choices you make in the games determine who lives and who dies in the battles with various spooky things. House of Ashes follows two other games: Man of Medan and Little Hope. Whereas those two games took place on a dark, foggy ocean and in a dark, foggy town respectively, the trailers that we’ve seen so far of House of Ashes show off a game that’s a little different.

House of Ashes takes place during the Iraq War in the early 00s and stars Rachel King, a CIA operative embedded in a military squad being thrown into an ancient temple by an earthquake. As they explore, it becomes apparent — at least, from the trailer — that some kind of monster has been awakened within the temple. Judging by the thing that attacks a soldier in the new teaser, it’s quite a large monster. Other than that, we don’t know much, but I’m going to bet there will be a large cast of characters around Rachel who may or may not make it all the way through the story.

The game was originally announced back in October 2020, with the first teaser trailer. We don’t yet know when the game will be released, but that’ll presumably be announced during the big gameplay reveal next week. Both previous Dark Pictures games were released in late summer or fall, so presumably House of Ashes will follow the same pattern.