Popular Rumor Online Suggests Crypto Is Invading Grand Theft Auto 6

There is no shortage of rumors at all when it comes to the Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto franchise. It’s a massive IP and that alone will spark a ton of rumors of what the developers had planned, what they scrapped, and of course, what’s to come in the future. However, we’re seeing a lot more rumors about the future now because we’re bound to be getting close to that next big reveal for the franchise, Grand Theft Auto 6

It’s not unusual for there to be fans wondering and speculating about what’s coming with Grand Theft Auto 6. After all, we’re still stuck on Grand Theft Auto V, a game that’s been around since 2013. That’s a very long time for players to be stuck with a Grand Theft Auto installment. Previously, the mainline installments including the likes of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, came out within just a few years after each other. However, after Rockstar Games released the latest entry along with the online multiplayer component, we haven’t heard anything about what’s next.

With that said, a new rumor circulating online is that Grand Theft Auto 6 will have some kind of play with cryptocurrency. Crypto is a big deal right now and it’s become more and more mainstream. It’s not surprising that it would be picked up in video games in some shape or form, in which case it looks like this will be a part of the in-game campaign of sorts. From the source of this rumor, Tom Henderson is suggesting is that certain missions will be rewarding players with an in-game cryptocurrency rather than in-game cash. This also comes with the announcement of the stock market making a return in Grand Theft Auto 6.

If you don’t recall, Grand Theft Auto V had a stock market feature where players can invest in certain companies. There were some missions as well that directly played a role in manipulating the stock market so perhaps this will make things a bit more fleshed out in terms of gambling some investments to even investing in different cryptocurrencies. This is all speculative on my part, but for now, that’s the latest rumor to hit the web and spread around. Then again, rumors are popular for Grand Theft Auto 6 where the last big supposedly leaked information that hit the web was news of a female protagonist this time around. Fans are hopeful that a trailer is coming out sooner than later to at least showcase just the world we’ll be diving into next for this incredibly popular IP.

Source: Twitter