Rumor Suggests Grand Theft Auto 6 Will Feature Female Protagonist

Rockstar Games is a huge video game development team but they are mainly known right now for two franchises, Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption. The former has been around for a whole lot longer and over the years we’ve seen it adapt and evolve into a massively popular video game hit in which profits rival the likes of massive blockbuster films. In fact Grand Theft Auto V was the fastest-selling entertainment product in history to hit $1 billion, three days after release. 

Still, the game franchise has been an iconic one that throws players into the role of a criminal attempting to get on top by any means necessary. Each installment throws players into the role of a male character while the latest installment, Grand Theft Auto V having players swap between three male characters in the campaign. Meanwhile, females are presented as an option for the multiplayer component or featured as other character roles that players can’t control in the campaign. 

There are no shortages of rumors for Grand Theft Auto 6, the next mainline installment from Rockstar Games. We have yet to see any information about this game but that hasn’t stopped rumors from coming out about what the game is about, where it’s set, when it will be available, and even who will be the playable character. One of the more popular rumors circulating online right now is that Grand Theft Auto 6 will feature a female and male protagonist. Although that’s only a rumor for now so don’t put too much weight on it.

The rumor comes from Tom Henderson, an industry insider that has a reliable track record for past claims in the video game industry. Outside of making note of the female protagonist, we don’t have any information to further explain what Grand Theft Auto 6 will be about or where it’s set from him. Again, these are only rumors for now, but this would make for a first in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Although, all we can do is wait until Rockstar Games decides to reveal just what they have been working on these past few years.

Source: Comic Book, Twitter