Resident Evil Village: All Safe Combinations & Codes | Solutions Guide

There’s nothing more annoying than a safe code you just can’t crack. Taking off from Resident Evil 2 Remake, Resident Evil Village contains a few safes and padlocks with numerical codes. Each one is a mini-puzzle to solve. And because puzzles aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, let’s just list all the solutions here. There aren’t very many codes to remember this time around, but there are enough that they’re easy to forget. Here’s a quick reference guide for your current (or future) playthroughs.

Resident Evil Village continues the story where RE7 left off, joining Ethan Winters and his wife Mia in their new European home. The events at the Baker House still loom over the family — and the domestic bliss doesn’t last long. Chris Redfield and a black ops crew of soldiers kill Mia in a raid. Then they seemingly kidnap your child. It’s a harrowing way to kick off a game that might be the scariest in the series.

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All Safe & Padlock Codes | Solutions Guide

There are three padlocks / safe codes you’ll need to input. One is optional, but the others are required to progress in the story. If you’re stuck and unsure what to do next, here are the codes you need.

Village Workshop Safe: [07-04-08]

Returning to the village after escaping the castle, you’ll slowly make your way through the village. To continue, you’ll have to get through a tractor that’s blocked. Go to the Workshop, and you’ll find a shed with a safe. There’s a key item in the safe you need. To solve this puzzle on your own, look out the window to the right of the safe.

Beneviento House Doll Workshop Padlock: [05-29-11]

In the basement of Beneviento House, you’ll find an extremely creepy Doll Workshop. Trapped inside without your weapons, you’ll have to solve multiple puzzles to uncover the code. If you want to solve it on your own, the code is located on the ring finger of the large doll. Pull the ring off, then use the bloody ring on the sink to clean it. Examine it and you’ll see the solution.

Village Luthier’s House Safe: [27-09-17]

Returning to the village after completing Beneviento House, you’ll be able to acquire a key to the locked house. The key is located in the gardener’s home on the path to the house. The key goes to the locked house in the village, south of the red chimney house. There’s a small compound with a metal lock you can shoot off. The house is where you’ll use the key.

The house contains a special treasure and a weapon part in the safe. To unlock the safe, you just need to check the calendar in the family room.

And that’s it! Yes, there are really only three padlocks and safe codes you need to know to complete RE8.