Resident Evil Village: How To Beat Lady Dimitrescu In 2 Minutes Or Less | Lady Killer Guide

For every boss in Resident Evil Village, there’s a challenge to beat it under a certain time limit. Most of these challenges are made easy once you unlock the Infinite Ammo Magnum in the CP Shop — the Magnum (and replaying on Easy Difficulty) make these bosses a cinch on subsequent playthroughs. But, there’s one boss all the regular tricks won’t work on. We struggled to destroy Lady DImitrescu in less than 2:30, and it’s all because of a weird hidden quirk to her boss fight.

None of the other bosses have this quirk. All the others, you can simply unload into with the Magnum and end very quickly. It’s my recommendation to save your CP specifically for that Unlimited Magnum cheat code because of how insanely useful it is. Especially if you’ve got the automatic pistol Magnum. Lady Dimitrescu can be defeated with the same tricks, you just need to do something specific first — she’s totally immune to damage at the start of the fight. Here’s how to defeat her faster.

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Lady Killer Guide | Dimitrescu Boss Speedrun Tips

To complete the ‘Lady Killer’ challenge, you need to defeat Lady Dimitrescu in 2:30 minutes or less. If you’re struggling with this, there’s a reason — Lady Dimitrescu is invincible until an invisible trigger is activated in her boss fight. At the start of the fight, you’ll be on a large tower with four corners. There are two archways on two sides of the tower.

  • Before you can damage Lady Dimitrescu, you must lead her to both archways so that she smashes through them. When both archways are destroyed, she will become vulnerable to damage.

Right at the start of the fight, immediately sprint around the tower and get her to destroy the arches. The mutant boss won’t take any damage until you get this done. Don’t even try to shoot her at the start — just run! When the arches are destroyed, you’re free to go nuts. I recommend any Magnum, especially with Unlimited Ammo unlocked from the CP Shop.

Clearing the archways is the most critical point of this challenge. Knowing this, the rest should be a cinch for any player going back for the time limit challenges. It’s a great way to earn a little extra CP.