Resident Evil Village: How To Get The Well Wheel | All Well Items

The Well Wheel is an important optional item in Resident Evil Village. This extra key item can be used to turn all the wells around the village — and those wells are seriously only located in or around the village. The wells contain valuable treasures or just extra items, so it’s important you clear them out ASAP. Here, we’re going to break down exactly where to find the Well Wheel item, and what rewards you can get by pillaging the entire town.

There’s a wealth of items to take once you get the Well Wheel. The Well Wheel becomes available after defeating the first Lord of the Village — you’ll be able to find it while looting the place. It can be missed, and missing it means you’ll lose access to some of the most valuable treasures in the game. You’ll find multiple treasure items you can combine with others for a payout. Pretty important when you’re trying to keep your favorite weapons fully upgraded.

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How To Get The Well Wheel | Key Item Guide

The Well Wheel is located in the Village (Revisited) — it can only be accessed after you acquire the Iron Insignia Key. After using the crank to raise the tractor hitch and crawling underneath it, you’ll be on your way toward the red chimney house. Use the Iron Insignia Key on the locked door to reach a small courtyard with a ladder. Don’t climb the ladder yet. Instead, go inside the building. You’ll find the Well Wheel inside.

The Well Wheel can be acquired any time before locking yourself into the end-game. Before using the four Flasks on the Altar, you can backtrack through the village to get any items you missed. I recommend getting as many of them as you can right away.

What Items Can I Get From The Wells?

Using the Well Wheel on the wells will raise the bucket, revealing a hidden item. Below you’ll find a list of every item you can acquire from the well, and where to find it — listed in the general order they can be reached.

  • Wooden Animal (Head): In the Maiden of War square, right in the center of the Village.
  • Necklace With Two Holes: Behind the church to the right of the door to the Castle.
  • Pipebomb x3: Return to the Fallow Plot outside Luiza’s House. Go to the backyard of the shed to the right of the Luiza’s House gate.
  • Lockpick x1: To the right of the Workshop gate in the Village, there’s a small courtyard with a well in the center.
  • Large Pigeon Blood Ruby: In the backyard of the small workshop at the base of the Castle. Accessed by using the Lone Road drawbridge and riding the motor boat. After docking, lower another drawbridge to return to the house.
  • Madalina (Head): The doll head is located in the well in the Garden area on the path to House Beneviento. The well is in the yard of the house up the stairs.
  • Flashbang x3: After defeating Moreau, use the Crank to open the path to Moreau’s Lab across from the windmill. There’s a path past the pile of animal carcasses that leads to a dead end with this well.

And that’s everything! The most valuable items are the Large Pigeon Blood Ruby and the Necklace With Two Holes. If you find the find Pigeon Blood Ruby, you’ll be able to build the most valuable treasure item in the game.