Resident Evil Village: All Files Locations | Bookworm Guide

There’s no getting rid of notes in the Resident Evil series. Spooky files, old pieces of paper, and lost parchments are ridiculously common in these games, and the lore hunt continues in Resident Evil Village. There are 47 files total to find (and read) spread all over the game world, and finding them all will score you the ‘Bookworm’ achievement / trophy. You’ll also get a bunch of CP points you can spend in the in-game store on useful stuff like unlimited ammo for your favorite weapons on NG+. Well worth the effort. And if you’re anything like me, you’re probably only missing one or two documents at the end of the game — well, don’t forget to check all the locations listed below, and you’re guaranteed to finally 100% these collectibles.

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All Notes & Files Locations | Bookworm Guide

Files and notes are readable collectibles you’ll find all over the village. Some of these can’t be collected out-of-order, so make sure to get them all from each section before leaving.


  • File #1: On top of the fridge in the kitchen.
  • File #2: On the second floor, enter the storage room down the hall from the stairs. There’s a newspaper here.
  • File #3: Check the computer in the office behind the bedroom.
  • File #4: Open the cupboard next to the laptop desk.

Village 1

  • File #5: On the ground after waking up from the crashed vehicle. Check near the bodies.
  • File #6: Meeting with the old crone, enter the house directly to her left. There’s a note in the back corner.
  • File #7: In the graveyard of the village, read the inscription under the goat altar. This can be read at any revisit.
  • File #8: Entering Luiza’s House, don’t miss the note in the entrance hallway. Read it before going further into the house.


  • File #9: In the opulent entrance hall, look on the small table to the left of the giant portrait in the center. There’s a note here.
  • File #10: Enter the Duke’s Room in the Castle. There’s a note on the table to the right of the Labyrinth Puzzle.
  • File #11: On the second floor of the castle’s main hall, enter the Wine Room. There’s a file on the center table.
  • File #12: Dropping into the dungeon, look on the shelf directly to your right.
  • File #13: Inside the dungeon, you’ll reach a torture device blocking the hallway. Enter the room to the right to find a note.
  • File #14: From the previous file, go through the destroyed cell on the left. Enter the cell ahead to discover another note nearby.
  • File #15: In the Kitchen, past the fight daughter mini-boss, there’s a note on the left shelf.
  • File #16: Later, you’ll enter Lady Dimitrescu’s chambers. After viewing her telephone call, you’ll enter the room. Check the couch for your next file.
  • File #17: Reaching the Opera Hall, go up to the second floor and find this file on a small table with a clock.
  • File #18: Go into the small side-room on the second floor of the Opera Hall to find this note.
  • File #19: Going downstairs in the Opera Hall, check for this note next to the Piano Puzzle.
  • File #20: After solving the Atelier Bells Puzzle, climb up into the attic. There’s a note up in this attic room.

Village 2

  • File #21: Past the boss, you’ll exit the castle. There’s a small house with a typewriter. You’ll find a note inside. Grab it before going inside the tunnel.
  • File #22: Inside the Village house directly to the right of the ‘Maiden of War’ on your map.
  • File #23: While exploring the village, you’ll find a gate with a padlock. Shoot off the lock and read the note attached to the house door.
  • File #24: On the table in the Red Chimney House.
  • File #25: Check the church in town. There’s now a laptop located here.

House Beneviento

  • File #26: Leaving House Beneviento, you’ll enter the Garden. Take the stairs up to the Gardener’s House. There’s a note inside next to the key.

Village 3

  • File #27: EASY TO MISS. On the way to the Reservoir, you’ll be attacked by a werewolf. In the house after the cutscene ends, check behind you.


  • File #28: At the Reservoir, look inside the ruined old shack near the first motor boat dock.
  • File #29: On the way to the windmill, look on the car on the path for a note.
  • File #30: Once you drain the Reservoir, enter the Flooded Village area — there’s a note in the building before the boss.
  • File #31: Back in the Mines, go inside Moreau’s Room. There’s a note by the TV.
  • File #32: Use the Crank on the door opposite the Windmill on the way back to the Village. Enter Moreau’s Lab, then enter the house on the hill where you’ll find the Magnum. There’s a note here.

Village 4

  • File #33: Before going to the Stronghold, return to the Lone Road and use the motor boat. Ride the boat toward the Altar and you’ll reach a hidden creepy cave. There’s a computer here and lots of supplies.
  • File #34: On the way to the Stronghold, look for a side-path to the left of the stairs. Go to Otto’s Mill and clear the boss. Inside the butcher’s room, you’ll find a note on the table.


  • File #35: On the way out of the Stronghold, you’ll have to squeeze through a cracked wall. On the other side, you’ll find this note.
  • File #36: Ride the boat after leaving the Stronghold. There’s a ladder leading to the exit — go down the stairs to the creepy dungeon first. There’s a note in the back room.


  • File #37: As you explore the Factory, you’ll reach a room with a mutant connected to a chair. Behind it, there’s a case with the Cog Mold key item. There’s a note in this room.
  • File #38: Disabling the huge spinning fan, enter the next room to find a desk with this note.
  • File #39: After acquiring the Heisenberg Key, return to B1. There’s a second door you can reach — unlock the door and go to the back of the Soldat storage.
  • File #40: Once you defeat Sturm, you’ll enter an office above the Cargo Bay. Look on the workbench here.
  • File #41: After being thrown to the bottom of the Factory, you’ll meet Chris. Before boarding the vehicle, check the laptop.


  • File #42-47: The last six files are all located inside Miranda’s Lab, after Chris plants the bomb. Four are on the table, lined up, right ahead of the entrance. There’s another paper next to the microscope, and a final note next to three pictures.

Find all 47 files, and you’ll unlock the ‘Bookworm’ achievement / trophy, and you’ll get a bunch of CP for completing a challenge.