Resident Evil Village: Where To Find All Optional Bosses | Leader of the Pack Guide

Resident Evil Village is packed with massive boss fights, but if you go exploring off the beaten path, you can encounter special mini-bosses that give you some huge rewards. These bosses are grueling fights, so you’ll need to stock up on ammo if you want to take them down. You can even skip them and just grab the treasure — well, except for one specific, super-special case. Usually these bosses guard one of the treasure chests marked on your map, so they’re well worth tracking down. They also drop super valuable treasure items when they’re defeated, which you can sell for further upgrades. Or just buy extra ammo. These bosses take a lot of bullets to put down.

If you’re curious and want to face off against some special re-skinned bosses — one of them even has totally unique behavior you won’t find anywhere else — this is where to find them.

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Where To Find All The Optional Bosses

There are three optional bosses in RE8. All three are completely optional and can be skipped — two of them are located at treasure chests marked on your map. The third is more unique.

Urias Drac #1: The Urias Drac is a giant axe-wielding undead mutant. It has a similar attack pattern to Urias, but without fur — it looks closer to the Haulers and ghouls found in the Factory. The first is located in the Garden on the path to House Beneviento. It will only appear after you’ve met with the Duke in the Village Altar. Return to the gravestone later once you acquire the Broken Slab and it will spawn.

  • Broken Slab Location: After defeating Moreau, return to the Village and look in the Graveyard. On the left side, the previously sealed Mausoleum is now open. You can pick up the Broken Slab and use it on the Garden grave on the path to House Beneviento.

Urias Drac is a very difficult opponent here. It can leap from one side of the arena to the other. You’ll need to use a significant amount of ammo, and the ghouls will continuously rise to attack you. The easiest strategy to kill it is running up the path back toward the Village. Urias and the ghouls will not follow you. Stay on this path, sniping Urias Drac then backing away. Defeating it will give you the Giant Crystal Axe.

Urias Drac #2: The second Urias Drac can be found on the way to the Stronghold. After unlocking the door leading toward the Stronghold, look to the left of the stairs. There’s an optional path in the tall grass leading to a mill over the water. Inside the building, you’ll encounter another Urias Drac.

This one is easier to deal with thanks to a few factors. You can use the explosive barrels to damage him as you run around the large arena. The area is also packed with extra ammo — and you can skip him entirely by shooting the two locks on the exit door. Defeating him will reward you with another Giant Crystal Axe.

Varcolac Alfa: One of the most difficult opponents in the game — the Varcolac Alfa is a super-charged Varcolac werewolf. You’ll hear it after returning to the Village from Moreau’s Reservoir. The Alfa is located in the Fallow Plot near Luiza’s House — it hides in the tall grass, waiting to pounce.

The creature has farm more health than standard Varcolac, and you won’t have much room to hide in the field. The Magnum deals significant damage, and knocks Varcolac Alfa back into a hard stun state. It’s your safest best for beating it. When it takes too much damage, the Alfa will retreat into the tall grass to hide, then strike from a new position. It’s pounce attack is one of the deadliest in the game. Defeating it will unlock the ‘Leader of the Pack‘ challenge and drop a Crystal Ancient Beast treasure item.