Resident Evil Village: Check Out All The Enemies & Bosses [GALLERY]

One of the big selling points of a Resident Evil game (for me) is the promise of new horrifying monsters, and Resident Evil Village does not disappoint. The game may be short — it took us about 10 hours to complete — but it is jam-packed with weird things to see. There’s a new monster or boss around every corner, and the game throws them at you fast. To sate the curiosity of those that haven’t played, we’re going to talk about every monster in the game, in order, starting from the beginning of the game. From the very first enemy to the final boss, here are all the monsters you’ll have to face down in the village.

This gallery is packed with BIG STORY SPOILERS so if you don’t want any surprises revealed, turn back now.

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The Lycan are the most common enemies in RE8 — they’re the mutated humans of the village, changed by a strange force. They’re animalistic, choosing to bite when they don’t have weapons. They’ll often attack with rudimentary clubs, and later appear with bow and arrow to attack from long range. Lycans work together in packs to surround and destroy Ethan, so your best bet is to barricade yourself inside a building and blast the Lycans as they try to get inside.


The Alpha Lycan. The toughest of the transformed villagers towers over his brethren and wields a massive bloody hammer. He’ll appear in unkillable form during your first big encounter with the Lycan swarm. Urias can leap long distances, or swing wide with his oversized hammer. You’ll run into this guy multiple times before you can finish him off for good.

Lady Dimitrescu

The Lady of Castle Dimitrescu, this unstoppable vampire hunts you endlessly through her sprawling home. Like Mr. X, Lady Dimitrescu can’t be killed — you’ll encounter her multiple times, and each time it’s better to run. She can slice Ethan into ribbons with her extending black claws. She rules the castle, creating her very own ghouls through vicious experiments. She’s even made a trio of daughters for herself. Lady Dimistrescu is a massive monster that can barely fit through doorways. Just keep running when she shows up. The clack of her heels warns you of her presence.

The Daughters

Lady Dimitrescu performed her own experiments — changing her maids and attendents into twisted versions of their former selves. The daughters are mutant humans that can change into a swarm of biting bugs at will. Bullets are useless against them in this form, and trying to run through their bug swarm will deal serious damage to Ethan. The only way to stop them is to lead them to the cold weather outside. The cold forms them into a solid state, making them weak to normal bullets.


The failed experiments of Lady Dimitrescu reside in the underground of the castle. These pathetic remnants in rags are the undead former attendants — twisted and barely able to function. They’re slower than Lycans, using discarded weapons like swords from the castle dungeon. They’re the easiest normal enemy in the game, usually appearing in large groups out of the ground. They’ll never stop coming when they start to appear in the castle courtyard, so it’s best to avoid them when you can.


The twisted flying variants of the moroaicǎ first appear on the castle rooftops. The Sniper Rifle is the best weapon to deal with these pests, as they have erratic flying patterns. They generally fight carefully, only swooping in after hovering near Ethan for a few moments. The shotgun is another good weapon for dealing with them — the spread can knock them out of the sky. Samca aren’t limited to just the castle, as they’ll appear all over the village even after you’ve escaped.

Lady Dimitrescu (Mutated)

Lady Dimitrescu is immune to all damage — except for a special artifact in the chapel. Stabbing Lady DImitrescu with the sacred weapon forces her to mutate uncontrollably, becoming this twisted abomination on wings. You’ll face off against this form on the Tower of Worship. Her saw-like mouth aims to tear Ethan into bloody sinew for the rest of this monster to gorge itself on. The exposed section of Dimitrescu’s former ‘humanity’ is her weak spot.

Donna Beneviento & Angie

The second of the four lords is a dollmaker. This frightening, freakish doll is a recreation of Donna’s lost daughter — and it isn’t just any normal doll. It can walk all on its own without Donna’s help. To defeat it, you’ll have to track down the doll before the swarm of angry inanimate objects assault you. Her house is supremely creepy, featuring the game’s longest puzzle sequence. Donna’s power isn’t just making dolls come to life. She can change the player’s perception, forcing him to see (and hear) things — even making herself completely invisible. Donna’s greatest weapon isn’t Angie. It’s the next creature.

The Baby

This is going to go down as one of the scariest, most disgusting and vile monsters in Resident Evil history. Ethan encounters the thing in the underground chambers of House Beneviento. After solving a lengthy puzzle with a doll, all the lights go out, and this hallway sized abomination comes after you. You’ll have to hide in lockers, squeeze under beds, and do anything you can to avoid this terrifying creature. It laughs and squeals with delight while chasing you after emerging from pitch-black darkness. I’m seriously reconsidering future playthroughs. Nobody should have to deal with this thing.

Heavy Lycan

On the way to Dr. Moreau’s reservoir, you’ll face off against these heavily-armored Lycans. Unlike their normal counterparts, they’re much slower and exclusively attack with the weapons strapped to their arms. Only their chest is exposed, but you can remove their helmet with explosive weapons or dealing lots of damage. They’re a slow threat, so you can always retreat to deal with them at longer range — the rifle is pretty good at delivering big damage, if you can knock their helmet off. The legs and arms? Those are immune to bullets.


The most powerful of the Lycan enemies, the Varconac are fully transformed nightmares. These human-shaped wolves stalk the village, and move extremely fast. To survive, you can’t fight them in open ground. You need to duck inside a building where they can’t reach you — even if they will try. The Varconac can treat you to shreds with a single pounce, and most attacks don’t phase them. The only weapon that’s any good at taking them down is the Magnum. Otherwise, your best bet is just sneaking by.

Dr. Moreau

The pathetic Dr. Moreau lives in the nearby reservoir. This fish-like man can’t control his mutations, periodically becoming an enormous fish monster. On the water, he’s completely unbeatable — Ethan must navigate floating platforms to cross over and reach a windmill. Once the reservoir is drained, you’ll have to face Moreau head-on in a huge boss fight. He’s an absolutely repulsive monster, bloating up to giant size to spit acid, or barfing up an entire rainfall of poison from the sky.


The mad scientist Heisenberg isn’t just a super-powered freak with the ability to control magnetic fields. He’s also a dictator in his own right — the Factory is his playground, where he performs his own experiments on the populace of the village. The gigantic underground facility is packed with terrifying creatures of his own design, which Heisenberg plans to use against Mother Miranda when the time is right. Too bad he doesn’t want to give back Rose, Ethan’s baby, without a fight. Otherwise this weirdo would be a pretty cool friend.


Heisenberg’s private army of workers. The undead villagers have been converted into loyal servants, and implanted with control devices on their heads. They’re found dutifully mining the underground of the factory. These creatures are very similar to the ghouls in Castle Dimitrescu — they’re slow, dim-witted, and not much of a threat unless you’re surrounded. The control device provides armor to their heads, making them harder to kill than your average mutant.

The Soldats

Heisenberg’s twisted army of Soldats come in four distinct forms. The first Soldats you encounter have a single drill arm attachment, and a glowing red reactor in their chest. Unlike other enemies, Soldats take very little damage when shooting their heads or bodies. Only the glowing red core is a weak spot, and the Soldats protect it by raising an arm of their chest. The enhanced Soldat Zwei has two drill arms and has a reactor core installed on their back, making them even trickier to kill. Later models even include jetpacks, and the toughest is completely covered head-to-toe in armor. You’ll need to use the Grenade Launcher (or a powerful hit from the Magnum) to strip off the armor and reveal their weak point. Otherwise the Panzers are immune to all damage.


Heisenberg’s deadliest creation. Sturm is a Soldat with an airplane turbine grafted onto its torso. This is the closest equivalent to a chainsaw-wielding Ganado in RE4 — except nothing stops Sturm. When you first encounter him, you’ll just have to run. It slowly approaches while spinning its blades, turning Ethan into mincemeat if it catches you. You’ll face it down for the final time near the exit, where it can barrel through walls and demolish everything in its path. The only way to harm Sturm is to shoot the reactor core on its back. Not so easy when he’s charging straight at you. Blasting Sturm with an explosive has a hilarious side-effect; the engine bursts into flames, and instead of chasing you, Sturm now shoots jets of flame from his propellers.

Heisenberg (Mutated)

Changing forms at the top of the factory, Heisenberg combines with his wrecking machines to become a truly unstoppable monster. Seriously, there’s no way Ethan can handle this guy solo. Commandeering a special buggy designed by Heisenberg, which is mounted with a giant chainsaw and rocket launcher, you’ll have to cut Heisenberg down to size. Doing enough damage to shrink him, Ethan fights him man-to-man on the ground. Like the other Lords, his human-ish face is his only vulnerable spot.

Urias Strajer

Urias isn’t gone just yet. After the village becomes infested with the giant tendrils of the underground mold, Urias becomes infected with new parasites. This version brings an even more powerful metal mallet to the party, and covers himself in armor to protect his face. Like other armored enemies, a blast with a grenade launcher will strip it off — but this guy is way harder. Thankfully, you’ll have plenty of special firepower to eventually take him down.

Mother Miranda

Mother Miranda is the insane leader of the village — an immortal shapeshifter performing a grand experiment that’s lasted well over one hundred years. After losing her child, she discovered a living megamycete mold under her village. Thus began her experiments to revive her lost child no matter the cost. Miranda can take any form she likes, changing between three attack forms in her final battle — and merging with the megamycete while going berserk in the climax. Mother Miranda isn’t just any random villain either. Ozwell E. Spencer, the founder of Umbrella, visited Miranda’s village on his travels as a young man. He liked Miranda’s ideas so much, he even stole a section of her family crest to create the Umbrella logo.

The list of monsters is one of the biggest in the modern era of Resident Evil games — and we’re hoping for more! Will there be story DLC for RE8? The game ends on multiple cliffhangers, and here’s hoping some of those get resolved sooner. There might be more monsters in our future! And I absolutely love seeing whatever weird things those Capcom artists come up with.