Resident Evil Village: How To Survive The Opening Lycan Attack On Any Difficulty

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The beginning moments of Resident Evil Village are harrowing — you barely have time to recover when you’re surrounded by Lycans and fighting desperately to escape. It seems like there’s no end to the enemies, and you’ll have to barricade yourself inside a series of buildings to survive. The opening attack sequence is one of the harder moments on the harder difficulties, so you’re probably asking the same question we did. How exactly do you get to the end of the attack?

Defeating enemies doesn’t trigger the ending. It’s all about survival time, and if you use a few tricks, you can extend your time as long as possible without wasting ammo. That’s the trick here — knowing which Lycans you absolutely need to kill, and which ones you can avoid. Once you know what triggers the end of this sequence, it gets a lot easier to overcome.

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Surviving The Prologue Lycan Attack | Hardest Difficulty Guide

The Prologue is incredibly tricky on the harder difficulties, especially Village of Shadows. If you’re struggling with this section, these are the essential steps you must make to progress.

The First Lycan

After Ethan gets his fingers bit off, you don’t need to kill this first Lycan. Run back inside the house, grab the bolt cutters, and escape through the chained gate.

The Barn Attack

Leaving the first fight, you’ll enter the barn. Quickly barricade the front door, and search the area for extra ammo. Don’t waste ammo on any of the Lycans trying to get inside. Just kill the one that breaks in near the staircase. Once you kill one, you can wait out the rest.

The Large House

Continue toward the large house. Break the crate for supplies, and then go inside — barricade the door and loot everything inside. Grab the shotgun and wait in the room with the ladder. Wait until you hear the door / barricade break, then shoot the bags of flour with your pistol to stun the incoming enemies. While they’re stunned, retreat down the ladder.

The Hill House

Crawl through under the house and shoot the flour near the exit so you aren’t attacked. Rush to the next building up the hill, breaking crates if you can, and barricade yourself inside. You can stay in this house for the rest of the encounter.

When you see Lycans trying to break through the barricade, shoot them. Use your knife to damage the Lycans trying to break through the window. Use everything you’ve got in here — you’ll want to make sure the Lycans can’t break down the barricade for as long as possible.

Wait inside long enough, and a Lycan will eventually grab you. This is triggered by the amount of time you survive. It doesn’t matter how many Lycan you kill. You don’t need to be outside to get grabbed. Just hold out until the cutscene begins, and you’ll complete this section.

Last long enough in the house with the ladder leading to the roof, and you’ll finish this sequence. Just stay inside and try to keep the Lycans from breaking in. There are only two entrances, so protecting them both will let you stay inside (and safe) for longer.