Resident Evil Village: All Outhouse Locations | When You Gotta Go… Guide

When you gotta go, you gotta go. In Resident Evil Village, opening all the outhouse doors will net you a rare achievement / trophy — and a bunch of CP. Crack open the door of all the outhouses to earn the “When You Gotta Go…” achievement / trophy, and this can be done all before the end of the game. If you’ve collected all four flacks, just stop and visit these locations all around the village. If you haven’t been checking the outhouses, there are probably a few useful items you’ve missed. Otherwise, there’s really no reason to do this. It’s all for that sweet 100% completion.

And don’t worry, you won’t run into any outhouse jumpscares. These outhouses are jumpscare free.

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When You Gotta Go… Achievement / Trophy Guide | All Outhouse Locations

To get the “When You Gotta Go” achievement / trophy, you need to open all 10 Outhouses. Below, you’ll find the outhouse locations listed in the order you’re most likely to find them. But, you can access all 10 locations right before the end of the game.

Outhouse #1: Village – Luiza’s House, through the entrance gate you’ll find the outhouse to the right.

Outhouse #2: Village – West Old Town, near the Iron Insignia Door. It’s in the small yard opposite the gate with a padlock.

Outhouse #3: Castle – At the base of the castle, you’ll find a small workshop with a save typewriter. The outhouse is in the backyard with the well. You can return here later after defeating Moreau — use the crank at the Lone Road to find a motor boat. Ride the boat and you can reach a dock near the castle. Using the crank on a drawbridge here leads to this house.

Outhouse #4: Village – After returning to the village, you’ll need to reach the house with the Red Chimney. You’ll first enter a house adjacent to the Maiden of War square. Exit through the back door of the house and you’ll find the outhouse.

Outhouse #5: Village – Near the previous house, you’ll reach an animal shed. Exit through the hole in the wall, and you’ll find this outhouse to your right.

Outhouse #6: Village – West Old Town, to the right of the Workshop gate, there’s a small animal enclosure with a well. The outhouse is in the corner behind the well.

Outhouse #7: Village – West Old Town, return to the Old Insignia Door on your way to the house with the red chimney. Shoot off the padlock on the gate across the path. Inside this courtyard you’ll find another outhouse.

Outhouse #8: Village – Red Chimney House, once you climb the ladder and drop into the red chimney house courtyard, check the very back of the area.

Outhouse #9: Village – Garden, on the path to House Beneviento, you’ll be able to access the gardener’s house at the top of the stairs. Around the back of the house is one more outhouse.

Outhouse #10: Reservoir – The final outhouse is at the reservoir. Past the caves and across the water, you’ll reach a building with the reservoir gate controls. Go out the back and follow the snowy path to this final outhouse.