Resident Evil Village: How To Solve All The Treasure Photos | Locations Guide

As you explore Resident Evil Village, you might find some strange photos showing a location somewhere in the world. The developers at Capcom announced that Resident Evil Village is “twenty times bigger” than RE7 — and they’re not kidding. There’s a whole lot more to explore in this game, and these photos barely give you any hints where you need to start looking. If you’ve got a treasure photo and don’t know where to start looking, we’ve got all the locations listed below.

There are four treasure photos total in the game. Three are for finding rare animals, and one is used to locate a hidden treasure that’s only available late in the Castle sequence. The rare animals can be found anytime when the village is revealed, and they’re easily the most obscure hints. The photos show a location, and sometimes they show locations you won’t even know you can visit. All of these treasures are well worth hunting down. Check below for all the treasure photo solutions.

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All Treasure Photo Solutions | Secret Treasure & Rare Animal Locations

Treasure Map: Found in the Attic, after completing the bell puzzle in the Atelier. It’s right in the center of the room.

  • Solution: Go to the upper-right room of the B1 underground accessible from the Kitchen. There’s a room that requires the Iron Key.
  • Inside, you’ll need to light both hanging braziers. To do that, use the Pipe Bomb to blast open the cracked wall to the left of the cage.
    • Shoot the left brazier to swing it into the fire.
    • Next, stand on the left side and shoot the far (right, from the entrance) brazier to make it start swinging, then shoot the near (left) brazier to make them swing into each other.
    • When both braziers are lit, the treasure can be collected. It’s a combinable called the Azure Eye.
    • Can be combined with the Silver Ring, found in the Hall of Pleasure. Look in the the shelf to the right as you enter from the Main Hall. Sells for 12,000 Lei

Photo of Strange Bird: Found in the Beneviento Estate area. Go to the Garden and go up the stairs to the house. The photo is located in the outhouse, behind the building.

  • Solution: The photo shows a blue bird in a tree, in the Graveyard area of the Village. Look in the large tree to the left of the Castle path, to the right of the Mausoleum, and opposite the Goat Shrine.
  • For shooting the blue crow, you’ll get the valuable Juicy Game, which can be used to greatly increase your health by cooking a recipe at the Vendor.

Photo of Rare Animal: The photo is in the Windmill on the path to the Reservoir. Find it near the save typewriter.

  • Solution: The rare animal is a white pig. It’s located in the Fallow Field, in the backyard of the shed adjacent to Luiza’s House. Go through the shed (to the right of the front gate) to find the animal.
  • Hunting this animal will get you the Quality Meat, which is required for a special recipe that gives you greatly increase health.

Photo of Phantom Fish: The photo is located in the underground area near the ladder that connects the Stronghold to the Graveyard behind the Church. Go downstairs to find this picture of a rare fish.

  • Solution: The fish can be accessed from the Lone Road near the Ceremony Site. Use the Crank to lower the Drawbridge at the stone bridge, then use the boat. Take the boat south to a dock — disembark and look to your left for a small pond. That’s where you’ll find the fish.