Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – How to Beat Every Boss | Tips Guide

The bosses of Resident Evil 7 biohazard aren’t going to go down without a fight. It’s tough to think straight when a psychopath is breathing down your neck, so to make matters just a tad easier for all your RE players out there, we’re here to provide tips for dealing with every single special encounter.

Boss battles have changed subtly since the previous games. It’s a small change, but it’s also more fair (generally) to new players. Basically, you’re not likely to get stuck in an unwinnable position like in previous Resident Evil titles if you don’t enter a boss battle fully prepared. It’s all about figuring out what to do, and overcoming the opposition with the tools provided.

We won’t spoil anything here (that’s what the rest of the guide is for), so keep scrolling or hit [CTRL-F] to find each and every boss entry.

How to Beat Every Boss | Tips Guide

Boss Battle #1: Mia [First Encounter]

  • Location: Guest House 1F, Study
  • Tips:

Mia throws you into the study. She’s strong, so you’ll need a weapon. Use the Axe to swing at her, and press [L1] to block so you don’t take too much damage. Remember, you have a First Aid Med (Press [R1] to heal) — use it if your screen turns too red.

This is a simple fight. Mostly, she’ll charge you and attack. Press [R2] to attack when she’s grappling you. After three exchanges, you’ll complete this battle.

Boss Battle #2: Mia [Second Encounter]

  • Location: Guest House 3F, Attic
  • Tips:

This is where things get tougher. Don’t worry about conserving ammo. Collect all the ammo you can before attempting to climb the ladder. You’ll find a total of 32+ bullets to use. Mia attacks from the window. Immediately climb down after she appears.

She’ll attempt to charge you with her chainsaw. Aim for the head to stun her, or fire multiple times when she charges to halt her attack. Don’t get too close — sprint across the room. If she gets you with the chainsaw, immediately use a First Aid Med.

Sprint left or right when she charges. She only moves in a straight line. Keep as much distance as possible, and quick-turn then sprint to get out of tight situations. You should have plenty of ammo, so keep firing. Don’t worry about wasting it.

Boss Battle #3: Jack [First Encounter]

  • Location: Main House 1F, Garage
  • Tips:

As the battle begins, there are two items you’ll want to collect. Grab the G17 Pistol off the ground, and then find the car keys. Stay far away from Jack, his massive axe is powerful, and he can kill you in just two normal hits. He likes to make big, wide swings — so don’t get too close when you’re running by him.

Get the car key off the work bench, and immediately enter the car by interacting with the car door. Aim for the ignition to insert the key, then ram your car into Jack. Keep doing it, over and over, until you finally crash. Of course, that doesn’t end things. Stay away from Jack’s burning husk until the car explodes, knocking him out.

While he’s knocked out, you’re free to collect any items in the garage you missed. Check the filing cabinet for Chem Fluids and don’t miss the pistol. It isn’t required to progress, but it basically is. Finish the fight — climb up the ladder and collect the Ox Statuette before leaving. That statuette allows you to reach the Main Hall.

Boss Battle #4: Jack [Second Encounter]

  • Location: Processing Area, Morgue
  • Recommended Items: x10 Enhanced Handgun Ammo, x3 First Aid Meds
  • Tips:

The unstoppable Jack returns for another round when you attempt to take the hanging Red Dog’s Head from the chain. You’ll be stuck in a small arena. Jack uses a gigantic axe, so keep your distance. He swings wide. Quick-turn and use the pillar in the center as dodge him.

Interact with the hanging dead bodies to kick them into Jack, temporarily stunning him. This will give you a good opportunity to shoot him in the head.

Before beginning the battle, there’s a Strong Chem Fluid in the Boiler Room, and gunpowder beneath the stairs near the Snake Emblem door in the Morgue. Combine the two for Enhanced Handgun Ammo. Stun him, and 3-5 Enhanced Ammo shots to the head will end this battle on Normal.

In Stage 2, Jack collects a giant pair of motorized scissors. To fight him, take the chainsaw weapon from the gurney, near where Jack grabbed that weird new weapon of his. You’ll want to fight Jack with the chainsaw only — counter his attacks, and crouch when he snips to avoid an instant-kill.

Attack when he attacks to counter him. If the dead bodies are still hanging, you can continue to use them to stun Jack, giving you a few free hits with the chainsaw. Remember, press [Reload] to rev your chainsaw up when it runs out of steam. Hold [L2 / R2 -or- RT / LT] to shove your chainsaw into Jack’s exposed mutant growth when it appears.

Do this about four times to finish off Jack. You’ll know the battle is almost over when he destroys the pillar in the center of the room.

Boss Battle #5: Marguerite [First Encounter]

  • Location: Old House 1F
  • Recommended Items: x10 Enhanced Handgun Ammo, x2 First Aid Meds, x100 Burner Ammo
  • Tips:

This short battle against Marguerite initiates when you approach the Crow Emblem door carrying the Crow Key. She’ll knock you into a deep hole and send swarms of bugs to attack. Both giant bugs and swarms are a problem — use the Burner to get rid of them as soon as possible. Try to bring plenty of burner fuel to stop bug attacks right away.

Above, Marguerite will taunt you. Shoot her with the Shotgun or Enhanced Ammo until she stumbles back. After a few moments, she’ll recover and send more bugs. Do enough damage, and she’ll tumble into the pit, allowing you to crawl out. Be fast, deal with the bugs as they appear, and this battle won’t be a problem.

If you’re low on Burner Ammo, you can use the knife to safely dispose of the larger bugs. Save the Burner for the swarms. Otherwise, don’t climb until Marguerite’s bugs die and she drops into the pit. That’s when it will be safe to climb out.

Boss Battle #6: Marguerite [Second Encounter]

  • Location: Old House, Green House
  • Recommended Items: x100 Burner Ammo, x3 Flame Rounds, x3 First Aid Meds
  • Tips:

The hulking, terrifying Marguerite is the hardest boss yet. She strikes from the shadows, appearing above, below, or through windows to strike. If you can’t see her, she might be giving birth to more bugs to attack you. She’ll also leave behind small nests that will spawn constant swarms if you don’t deal with them early.

Thankfully, Marguerite’s arena is huge. She’s also slow, but her elongated arms give her surprisingly long reach. Don’t underestimate her attacks, and sprint away when she gets close.

The arena is filled with items. More than you’ll need to deal with the boss. If you need healing or more Burner fuel, search the Greenhouse — or better yet, take a Psychostimulant to easily locate all the items. If you don’t use them in your first encounter, return and grab everything later.

Marguerite will retreat after she takes some damage. The Burner doesn’t hurt her as much as any other old-fashioned weapon. The Flame Rounds are devastating, and Enhanced Handgun Ammo will work well. Target the bulbous nest growing around her lower mid-section — that’s her weakpoint.

The Shotgun is a good weapon to use for this battle. Handguns barely phase her, but will work if you’ve run out of everything else. If you’ve been stocking up on Antique Coins, now is a good time to purchase the MAG 44 or the Steroids. The MAG 44 will finish her off fast — use the Treasure Photo pinned outside the Greenhouse, then search the Trailer toilet to get a few extra MAG 44 bullets.

Otherwise, this is a battle of attrition. Bring at least three First Aid Meds. Use the Burner to kill bug swarms, and attack her nest from afar. If she isn’t crawling around to attack, then go looking for her. Burn her before she can create a new nest.

Boss Battle #7: Jack [Third Encounter]

  • Location: Boat House
  • Recommended Items: M21 Shotgun, x10 Enhanced Handgun Ammo, x3 Flame Rounds, x3 First Aid Meds
  • Tips:

Jack’s monstrous third form appears in the Boat House after taking the Serum from Zoe. This enormous mutant is covered in glowing orange eyeballs — those are your targets. Aim and destroy every single eye on this monster to defeat it. Switch to the Enhanced Handgun Ammo or use the MAG 44 to shoot the monster’s main “eye” — the one attached to its face.

Stay as far away as you can. Jack will crawl onto both levels, and rear back to attack — either with an arm swipe, or by lunging one arm forward. Dash away to avoid the longer-range lunge. He’ll also spew vomit from across the room. When you see him sputtering, quickly dash left or right.

Stay on the upper level, dropping down only to escape if you’re cornered. When Jack follows, climb back up using a ladder and continue to shoot. Later, you may need to lure Jack up to more-easily aim for the  eyes on his under-belly.

Do enough damage, and the Boat House will light on fire. Run around the edges to collect extra ammo. There’s a First Aid Med on a shelf in the second level. Block whenever he attacks to lower how much damage you take. Once all the eyes are destroyed, Jack will make one final attempt to kill you.

In the final phase, you’ll be trapped in a tiny arena while Jack constantly attacks. If you’re low on ammo, there’s a crate to your left. Unload your Shotgun into Jack’s last remaining eye to end this phase. Leave when the door opens, and kill Jack by using one of your Serum vials to finish him off.

Boss Battle #8: Eveline [Final Encounter]

  • Location: Guest House 3F, Attic
  • Recommended Items: N/A
  • Tips:

The final encounter in RE7 is more of an event — you won’t need to stock up on items for this fight, but it helps to bring a First Aid Med or two. The battle begins once you reach the Guest House Attic. Eveline, in her child form, is waiting — she uses wind to blow you back. Sprint toward her, and block before she can hit you with a burst of energy. Continue to sprint, and once you get close enough, you’ll administer the E-Necrotoxin.

Next, Eveline will grow into a massive Molded creature! Keep shooting and don’t stop. The P19 Machine Gun is a good choice here, but there’s nothing you can do. Eveline will swat you outside, then grow even larger. When she picks you up, use your Shotgun to escape.

As you land, you’ll catch a glimpse of a crate thrown from one of the helicopters. It contains the Albert-01R, an anti-bioweapon pistol. Take it and aim for Eveline’s open mouth to end this battle. She’ll attempt to hide behind her tentacles — just keep shooting as the mouth opens, any tentacles will be destroyed. Just don’t waste your bullets! One good bullet into Eveline’s glowing mouth is all it takes.

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