On The Cheap – Here Are The Best Deals For Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

The release Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is rapidly approaching, and we’re here to help spread the contagion with all the very best deals you can take advantage of right now.

It’s possible to purchase this survival horror sequel for up to 30% off — but those aren’t the only price drops we’ve listed here. There are options for all platforms, including online and brick-and-mortar stores, with low prices on pre-orders or post-launch standard editions.

This isn’t about all the DLC or add-ons. We’re all about the lowest possible price. Period.

For even more deals, coupon codes, and limited offers — checkout the RE7 page on Dealzon. It’s a great resource for gaming on a budget. For more information on all the pre-order goodies available, click here.

Green Man Gaming

  • Standard Edition Pre-Order Price: $50.99
  • Standard Edition VIP Membership Price: $47.99

Over at GMG, the Standard Edition of Resident Evil 7 is available for pre-orderĀ on PC / PS4 for 15% off standard. If you’re a VIP member, you’ll get the full 20% off. While supplies last, you’ll also get 10 free games with your purchase of Resident Evil 7. These games are only available for a limited time, so jump on this deal fast if you’re interested.

  • Pre-purchase also includes the Survival Pack digital content code.

Get 15-20% off RE7: Biohazard at Green Man Gaming here.


  • Standard Edition Pre-Order Price: $41.99

DLGamer is offering -30% off preorders of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. The price is for a digital code for the Steam platform, and is therefore PC only. After purchase, DLGamer will send you a Steam key for RE7 — that means you’ll need a valid Steam account before you buy.

  • Like other stores, pre-purchase includes the Survival Pack digital content.

Get 15-20% off RE7: Biohazard at Green Man Gaming here.

Best Buy

  • Standard Edition Gamer’s Club Price: $47.99

The Gamer’s Club price is for the Standard Edition of RE7 on PS4, Xbox One and PC digital code. It is not a pre-order exclusive bonus — you can purchase RE7 in-store after release and still take advantage of this price.

To get 20% savings on RE7 (and every otherĀ game), you’ll need to purchase a Gamer’s Club membership — it costs 30$ for a two year subscription. While that does add to the cost, it’s a great deal in the long-run. All new games, including Amiibo and LEGO Dimensions, are 20% off standard, meaning you’ll always save. And 20% is a good chunk of the price. If you’re not a member of the Gamer’s Club, register here.

  • Pre-order comes with the Survival Pack DLC content.

Get 20% off RE7: Biohazard at Best Buy here.


  • Standard Edition “Keep” Price: $47.69

Gamefly is a game rental subscription service, and it can help you get console games cheaper — up to 20% cheaper, if you’re willing to pay the monthly fee. It costs $15.95 per month, but you’ll often find free month deals to give the service a try… although only members with a history of service will get the best deals. Stay subscribed for 3+ months, and you’ll get +10% off used games, along with +$5 for use on used games every 3 months.

That might not sound very useful, but these bonuses can also be used on brand new titles. After renting a game, you’ll have the option to “Keep” it at the standard Used price. That means you’ll get the Used discount, and can spend your $5 credit.

  • It is not guaranteed, but using the “Keep” feature often include bonus DLC content, like the Survival Pack.

Get 20% off RE7: Biohazard at Gamefly here.

Found more deals for Resident Evil 7? Let us know in the comments and we’ll add them to the list.