Resident Evil 7: All 33 Antique Coin Locations | Madhouse Difficulty Guide

If you delve into the terror of Madhouse Difficulty in Resident Evil 7, you’ll find a few serious changes to the formula.

Items, weapons, and Antique Coins all get remixed, and you’ll find fifteen more hidden coins. Why more coins? Because many of the items you could originally find hidden in the environment are now locked inside coin-activated bird cages. If you’re looking to unlock more weapons and upgrades in Madhouse mode, you’ll need these extra Antique Locations.

The coin locations have been partially remixed. If you’re looking for all the Normal / Easy difficulty coins, check the full guide here: Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – All Antique Coins Locations | Upgrades Guide

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All 33 Antique Coin Locations | Madhouse Difficulty Guide

There are 33 Antique Coins available in Resident Evil 7 (Madhouse) — there are more locations in Madhouse mode, including more item bird cages to unlock as you progress. Below, we’ll go over all the new and remixed Antique Coin locations specifically for the Madhouse difficulty.

Antique Coin #1: Guest House 2F – Get the “Derelict House Footage” from the Guest House Save Room. Just as you start, take the Lock Pick from the dirt outside the house. Open the locked kitchen drawer as you play through the video tape. When you return to Ethan, go open the now unlocked drawer to get the first Antique Coin.

Antique Coin #2: Main House 1F, Living Room – On the empty TV stand, look in the vase to get this coin.

Antique Coin #3: Main House 1F, Garage – After completing the boss encounter with Jack, climb the ladder and turn left to spot the coin.

Antique Coin #4: Main House 1F, Main Hall – As you enter the Main Hall through the Ox Statuette door, turn left and look in the drawer in the corner, next to the cupboard.

Antique Coin #5: Main House 2F, Recreation Room – In a small vase, left of the Scorpion Emblem door that leads into Grandma’s Room.

Antique Coin #6: Main House 2F –  Down the hall from the Bathroom, near the destroyed stairs, there’s a fallen painting frame leaning against the wall. The coin is hidden behind this frame.

Antique Coin #7: Main House 1F, Drawing Room – In the Drawing toilet.

Antique Coin #8: Processing Area, Incinerator Room – Beneath the gurney, there’s a yellow plate with this coin.

Antique Coin #9: Processing Area – On the metal cart in the narrow hallway leading from the Scorpion Key room to the Snake Emblem door.

Antique Coin #10: Processing Area, Dissection Room – In an open box, on the shelves opposite the hanging deputy corpse.

Antique Coin #11: Yard – Between the two porch steps, look for a loose piece of metal. Interact to pull it down and enter the crawlspace. The coin is at the back, with the cache of items.

Antique Coin #12: Old House 1F – On the floor of the deck, to the left as you leave the Dining Room.

Antique Coin #13: Old House 1F, Gallery – On the table covered with boxes to the right as you enter the Gallery. Look on the empty rung beneath the boxes. Try to get it while standing in the pedestal area.

Antique Coin #14: Old House 1F – To the left, on the broken boards just as you exit the bug-infested narrow passage that opens when you solve the Gallery projector puzzle.

Antique Coin #15: Old House 2F – Past the Altar, look in the room with the locked pendulum requiring a lantern to activate. There’s an end table in the corner with the coin inside.

Antique Coin #16: Old House Exterior – After climbing up through the hole to reach the Greenhouse exterior, look left for a metal pole with this antique coin on the speaker box.

Antique Coin #17: Old House 1F, Greenhouse – After defeating Marguerite, exit through the gate that crumbles. The coin is on the green workbench near the exit door.

Antique Coin #18: Main House 1F, Supplies – Through the Crow Emblem door in the Drawing Room, get this coin where the Grenade Launcher used to be located on Normal / Easy.

Antique Coin #19: Main House 3F, Attic – On the metal shelves to the right after climbing the ladder up to the attic.

Antique Coin #20: Testing Area – In the first room with Lucas’ introduction, look on the table behind the TV.

Antique Coin #21: Testing Area – When you encounter the first crate in the center of the hallway, past the rooms with trap bombs, turn left and look in the dark corner. There’s a mannequin head in the cage where the coin is found.

Antique Coin #22: Testing Area – The hallway that leads to the Party Room entrance door. Take the stairs down past the two crates and look in the dark, seemingly empty corner before turning left.

Antique Coin #23: Testing Area – In the 1F hallway with the 4-Legged Molded, there’s a supply closet filled with explosive traps. Look in the work bench drawer to get this coin.

Antique Coin #24: Testing Area – Past the charred corpse with the note, the very next doorway leads to a wall-mounted shelf directly ahead with a coin.

Antique Coin #25: Wrecked Ship 1F – In the Laundry Room, enter through the double doors and look in the back-right lower laundry machine.

Antique Coin #26: Wrecked Ship 4F – Go down the stairs (with the Mr. Everywhere statue), the coin is at the bottom of the steps where the exit door is blocked off.

Antique Coin #27: Wrecked Ship 2F – In the hallway outside the Save Room, find this antique coin on a half-circle table.

Antique Coin #28: Wrecked Ship 2F – Go to the small room connected to the Dining Room. Near the door, there’s a small cart with a vase on the lower rung. Examine it to discover a hidden coin.

Antique Coin #29: Wrecked Ship 3F – Use Corrosive on the locked door in the Control Room and follow the hallway. Don’t enter through the door on the left, look in the back-right corner of the hall.

Antique Coin #30: Wrecked Ship S2 – From the elevator, go past the cupboard, through a doorway and into the hall before you enter an Engine Room. As you enter the hall, turn right and look on the floor.

Antique Coin #31: Wrecked Ship S2 – Past the Fat Molded in the Engine Room, use Corrosive to open the locked safe in the following hallway.

Antique Coin #32: Wrecked Ship S2 – Back as Ethan, escaping the ship, you’ll enter a room with a mesh fence. Look on the desk to the right of the door to get this coin.

Antique Coin #33: Swamp – After escaping the ship, you’ll reach a low log you’ll need to hop over that leads into the larger swamp. Look down and along the right edge of the swamp water to spot the final tricky coin.

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