Resident Evil 7: Free Items & Upgrades | Treasure Photo Locations Guide

Resident Evil 7 isn’t all about terror. When the stalkers back off, you’re given time to explore the derelict environments around the Baker Farm. During these brief periods of respite, you’ll get a chance to go item hunting with three special treasure photos.

These photographs dare you to find the location depicted, and it isn’t always obvious where you need to go. To make life easier, check out the complete list of treasure photo locations — where to find the “maps” and where to get the rewards. The prizes are worth your time. You’ll get permanent health upgrades, special ammo, and one of the two all-powerful Repair Kits.

Free Items & Upgrades | Treasure Photo Locations Guide

There are three special photos available in Resident Evil 7. Each treasure photo takes you to a rare item. These items will only appear if you’ve collected and examined the photo — the reward items will not spawn until after you’ve taken a look at the treasure photo.

Treasure Photo #1:

  • Photo Location: Processing Area — On the metal shelves near where you’ll find the Scorpion Key.
  • Treasure Location: Main House 1F, Drawing Room — Interact with one of the fireplace stones to remove it.
    • Reward: Steroids — Permanent character health upgrade.

Treasure Photo #2:

  • Photo Location: Old House, Yard — The photo is pinned to covered strairwell on the exterior of the Greenhouse section of the old house. You can first get the photo after following Marguerite through the underground tunnel and climbing out through the well.
  • Treasure Location: Yard, Trailer — Look in the toilet bowl of the trailer.
    • Reward: x3 44 MAG Ammo

Treasure Photo #3:

  • Photo Location: Main House 3F, Supplies — Find the treasure photo in the Supplies closet connected to the Master Bedroom. It’s on the red stool to the left as you walk in.
  • Treasure Location: Testing Area 2F — Continue to follow the linear path to the third room. There’s a cage with a mannequin head in the corner. That’s where you’ll find the hidden treasure.
    • Reward: Repair Kit — Combine with the Broken Shotgun or Broken Pistol to get a new weapon.

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