Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – All Antique Coins Locations | Upgrades Guide

Antique Coins are your primary source for upgrades in Resident Evil 7. No, there aren’t stores or creepy masked vendors — but there are special cages that only open after inserting these rare coins.

You’ll find character upgrades, special weapons and other important (but optional) items in these cages, so it absolutely helps to get every single coin you can get your grubby hands on. Keep scrolling to find the complete list of antique coins below.

And what does the Dirty Coin from the demo to? If you managed to complete all the secrets from the RE7 demo and unlocked the Dirty Coin, here’s what it does — it’s an Antique Coin. You’ll start the game with +1 Antique Coin, it’ll be in your inventory. You’ll have a tiny head-start, basically.

All Antique Coins Locations | Upgrades Guide

There are 18 Antique Coins available in Resident Evil 7 (Easy / Normal Mode) — there are more Coins on Madhouse Difficulty, and more cages to unlock. We’re focusing on the Normal Difficulty coins here. Find them all and open those upgrade cages with these locations.


Antique Coin #1: Guest House – Find the VHS tape next to the Save Room tape player and then use the tape in the VHS player in the living room downstairs. During the video sequence, grab the Lock Pick on the ground right where you start. Now take the Lock Pick and use it to open the locked drawer in the kitchen. Now, when you’re back playing as Ethan,the first antique coin is inside.

Point of No Return — Can not return to the Guest House after leaving.

Antique Coin #2: Main House, Crawlspace – After escaping the Guest House and dropping into the crawlspace (before the Laundry Room), find this coin on a red mower as you move through the crawlspace, on the left.

Antique Coin #3: Main House 1F, Main Hall – Once you get into the Main Hall through the locked double doors, turn left and open the drawer. There’s a coin inside.

Antique Coin #4: Main House 2F, Recreation Room – Enter the second floor Recreation Room and look at the basket opposite the hallway entrance door. There’s a Mr. Everywhere statues in the basket, and a coin right next to it.

Antique Coin #5: Main House 2F – Found in the toilet bowl, in the second floor bathroom.

Antique Coin #6: Main House 1F – Enter the unlocked door connected to the Drawing Room. There’s a table with an ash tray inside. The coin is in the ash tray.

Antique Coin #7: Processing Area – Outside the Incinerator Room, look for a wooden pallet in the hallway leaning against the wall. There’s a missing brick that is partially obscured by the pallet. Your next coin is hidden inside this alcove.

Antique Coin #8: Yard – Finally escaping through the front door, take the steps down onto the grass then turn right. Swivel around to find an upright planter with just dirt inside. The coin is on this planter.

Antique Coin #9: Yard, Trailer – Inside the trailer, find this coin on the table next to the locked item cage.

Antique Coin #10: Old House 1F, Cellar Passage – Crawl into the fireplace and follow the passage to the Cellar door. Before going in, look to the left — there’s a gurney with a coin on top.

Antique Coin #11: Old House 1F, Water Station – On the toilet, once you gain access to the small Water Station shack.

Antique Coin #12: Old House 2F, Altar – Through the Crow Emblem door, past the Gallery puzzle, you’ll find a strange altar. Go right, up the steps, and around to the next locked door. There’s a Mr. Everywhere statue in the middle of this room, and the coin is in a drawer in the corner.

Antique Coin #13: Testing Area 1F – After entering the Testing Area, get to a long hallway with an unlocked door at the end. The main path is left, but go inside this booby-trapped room. Don’t set off the explosives (or do!) and get the coin from the green work table drawer.

Antique Coin #14: Testing Area 1F – Reach the charred corpse with the file pinned to his chest. Right after that, you’ll enter another doorway with two wall-mounted shelves straight ahead. The coin is on those shelves.

Point of No Return — Can not return after leaving the Boathouse.

Antique Coin #15: Wrecked Ship – After seeing an image of the past, you’ll drop down into a narrow vent through the hatch. Crawl inside and take the first right to find a coin in the dead-end corner.

Antique Coin #16: Wrecked Ship – Later, climb a ladder up and you’ll encounter a dead body. Past the body, you’ll drop down into a flooded room. Immediately after landing, turn left and scan the water near the mound. There’s a well hidden coin here.

Antique Coin #17: Wrecked Ship 3F, Control Room – In the Control Room, past the Security area and the Elevator Lobby, look for an orange locked toolbox. Crack it open with a lock pick.

Antique Coin #18: Wrecked Ship – On the final path to the exit of the Wrecked Ship, you’ll find a wall-mounted safe. Use corrosive acid to burn open the locker and get the final coin hidden inside.

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