Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – All Playable Videotape Locations | VHS Guide

There are super-scary VHS tapes scattered throughout the Baker Estate in Resident Evil 7, and you owe it to yourself to play them all. These terrifying experiences are rare, but completing them is an important step in your journey. Not just simple videos, you’ll actually experience the events as you take control of the ill-fated characters depicted within. There are frightening chases, crazy puzzles, and more. Get all the tape locations below.

Just remember — every VHS tape needs a VCR. Take note of any VCR locations you stumble across during your explorations. Usually, a VCR is mounted on a TV that only displays static. That’s your clue that the TV is functional. Interact with the VCR, then insert the VHS tape to begin a session. You can back out of a videotape at any point during the gameplay, and you can try again — and don’t miss out on items! Yes, items you collect in a videotape sequence (not counting key items) are your’s to keep.

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All Playable Videotape Locations | VHS Guide

There are four VHS tapes in Resident Evil 7. All four are playable — three are completely optional, while one can’t be missed.


Videotape #1: Guest House 2F, Save Room — [Derelict House Footage] On the dresser drawer, to the right of the save point on the second floor.

Videotape #2: Main House 2F, Recreation Room — [Mia] On the bar of the Recreation Room, to the left of the TV with VCR. Very convenient, right?

Videotape #3: Main House 3F, Attic — [Happy Birthday] After unlocking the Kid’s Room door on the second floor, climb up into the attic and open the cupboard to find this tape.

Videotape #4: Wrecked Ship 3F, Security — [Old Videotape] This tape can’t be missed. It’s story-related, but you’ll find it in the Security Room, on the third floor of the Wrecked Ship.

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