Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – All 32 Files | ‘The Devil is in the Details’ Guide

E-mails, notes, memos and more — Resident Evil 7 knows that files are an integral part of the survival horror experience, and you can’t have a new Resident Evil without lots of notes to find.

This time around, the notes aren’t just for flavor — there’s an achievement / trophy to earn. Get all 32 files to unlock “The Devil is in the Details”, or just find them all for your own personal benefit. You’ll learn a little bit more behind the mysteries of the Baker Mansion, although none of these notes are incredibly well hidden.

You should be able to find them all in a single run, but you can always replay the game to collect any you’ve missed — the files are saved between playthroughs. Below you’ll find all the files available in one handy list.

All 32 Files | ‘The Devil is in the Details’ Guide

There are a total of 32 files to find. Not all files are discreet items — some files are counted twice when you examine the front / back. Make sure to check every file for extra hidden text, and interact to make the text appear. If you don’t check for the text, it won’t be officially “counted”.


File #01: Inventory – [Email From Mia] Starts in your inventory as you start the game. Examine it to “collect” this file.

File #02: Guest House B1 – [List of Names (Front)] As you move through the basement, look to the left of the door that’s streaming light through the crack. To the left, there’s a table near a wall covered in hanging pictures. Take the file from this table.

File #03: Guest House B1 – [List of Names (Back)] Fly the List of Names around to the backside when examining to reveal this file.

File #04: Main House 1F, Dining Area – [Home Improvement Store Receipt] Find it pinned to the wall of the dining room area, next to the kitchen’s breakfast bar.

File #05: Main House 1F, Living Room – [Newspaper Article – Missing People] On the coffee table in the Living Room.

File #06: Main House 1F, Main Hall – [Newpaper Article – Over 20 Missing] Next to the Projector Room puzzle in the Main Hall, there’s a table with a newspaper displayed prominently.

File #07: Main House 2F, Recreation Room – [Jack’s Journal] Find this file in the shelves behind the bar, in the Recreation Room.

File #08: Main House 2F, Recreation Room – [Jack’s Memo] On the half circle table on the opposite wall from the Recreation Room entrance door, next to the Mr. Everywhere statue.

File #09: Main House 1F, Save Room – [Travis’ Memo (Front)] Past the Drawing Room, continue beyond the Projector puzzle to reach a Save Room with an item box. Look in the shelves beneath the record player.

File #10: Main House 1F, Save Room – [Travis’ Memo (Back)] While examining the previous note, flip it around to read the back.

File #11: Processing Area, Incinerator Room – [Incinerator Room Memo] Taking the stairs down into the Processing Area for the first time, make a pit stop at the first door on the right. You’ll find this file pinned above the sink.

File #12: Main House 2F, Grandma’s Room – [Memo About Relief] Unlock the Scorpion Emblem door to reach Grandma’s Room from the Recreation Room. The note is on the vanity to the left.

File #13: Main House 2F, Grandma’s Room – [Doctor’s Letter] As you enter Grandma’s Room through the Scorpion Door, turn right and look in the top shelf.

File #14: Yard, Trailer – [Zoe’s Investigation Note] Get this note in the trailer after completing the puzzle with the three dog’s heads to access the yard. It’s pinned to the board next to the refrigerator.

File #15: Old House 2F – [Marguerite’s Warning] In the west wing of the Old House, after completing the Gallery Puzzle, head into the wrecked section of the house with the missing floors. Find this note pinned next to the Crow Emblem door.

File #16: Old House 2F – [Serum Documentation] Find this on the altar through the Crow Emblem door.

File #17: Old House 2F – [Marguerite’s Notebook] From the altar, look in the small sitting room up the nearby steps, through the open doorway. There’s a chair, a piano, and a file on the table inbetween.

File #18: Yard, Trailer – [Memo On Deputy’s Head] Return to the trailer after leaving the Old House to find a disgusting item in the refridgerator. Spin the head around to find the memo.

File #19: Main House 2F, Kid’s Room – [Lucas’ Journal] Enter the Kid’s Room through the Snake Emblem door, and look on the desk to the left.

File #20: Main House 2F, Kid’s Room – [Torn Page From Journal] Still in the Kid’s Room, look on the vanity next to the attic ladder.

File #21: Main House 2F, Master Bedroom – [Clock Memo] Go through the second floor Snake Emblem Door to enter the Master Bedroom. The file is pinned to the globe on the nightstand.

File #22: Testing Area 2F – [Memo on Burnt Corpse] Hard to miss. As you explore the Testing Area, you’ll eventually reach the second floor and find a seated charred body with a note pinned to his chest.

WARNING: After leaving the boat house, you won’t be able to return to the Baker Mansion area.

File #23: Wrecked Ship 1F, Bunk Room – [Jim’s Letter] As you enter the Bunk Room, look on the bunk in the back-left corner. The note is on the bottom bunk.

File #24: Wrecked Ship 1F – [Giovanni’s Will] Enter the small storage room connected to the 1F Bunk Room. It’s on the table with the yellow plastic bin.

File #25: Wrecked Ship 1F, Elevator – [Mechanic’s Memo] Climb into the elevator shaft through the hole at the 1F Elevator doors. The note is pinned to the wall, left of the ladder.

File #26: Wrecked Ship 2F, Guest Room – [Orders] Find the orders in the Guest Room, on the dresser to the left as you enter.

File #27: Wrecked Ship 3F – [Tattered Secret Document] Go to the Elevator Lobby between the Control Room and Security. The file is inside an open attache case to the right of the elevator doors.

File #28: Salt Mine – [E-mail Log] From the Salt Mine cart tracks, take the stairs on the right up and enter the room through the door. There’s a laptop on the makeshift desk to the left. This is the room with the strange covered bath tubs.

File #29: Salt Mine – [Infection Report] From the laptop room, go through the next door. The file is on the large cabinet directly ahead as you enter the larger research chamber.

File #30: Salt Mine – [E-Necrotoxin Document] Find this document in the open attache on top of the fallen console with pipes and wires strung about. It’s another note that’s hard to miss.

File #31: Salt Mine – [R&D Report #1] The file is on the desk behind the strange attache case setup in the middle of the same room.

File #32: Salt Mine – [R&D Report #2] The last file is on the desk opposite the previous. Go up the steps and look on the table to the right with the desk lamp to get your final note.

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