Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – All 20 Statue Locations | ‘Mr. Nowhere’ Guide

Those tricky “Mr. Everywhere” bobble-head statues are all over the creepy manor grounds of Resident Evil 7. Finding all 20 will earn you the “Mr. Nowhere” trophy / achievement, and some of these tiny statues are aggravatingly tough to locate. There’s no real benefit to finding them, because when is there ever, but if you’re interested in fully exploring the Baker Mansion and inching closer to 100% completion, this is a good start.

Previous Resident Evil games included collectibles called emblems — instead of tiny statues, you’d need to find hidden blue emblems to totally complete every stage. The emblems were basically targets. Thankfully in RE7, you won’t have to waste ammo shooting every single statue. Some of these can be knifed… but lots require a bullet. Don’t worry, you’ll eventually get a supply of sidearms, and you can save collecting these statues for late in the game.

All 20 Statue Locations | ‘Mr. Nowhere’ Guide

[Note: To “collect” a Mr. Everywhere Statue, you’ll need to destroy it. Slashing with a knife destroys the statue and collects it.]

There are a total of 20 Mr. Everywhere Statues found throughout the story. Don’t worry, you won’t need to find any Statues in the VHS tapes. Late in the game, it is possible to miss statues when you’re locked out of previous areas.


Statue #01: Main House 1F – Just as you enter the Main House, go down the hallway from the Laundry Room and turn right. Down this hallway, you’ll find a blocked front door near a locked set of double doors that lead to the Main Hall. The statue is on a shelf that’s blocking the front door.

Statue #02: Main House 1F, Laundry Room – In the Laundry Room, look on the lower shelf beneath the tape player in the middle of the room.

Statue #03: Main House 1F, Main Hall – From Statue #1, turn left after unlocking and moving through the large metal doors to the Main Hall. There’s a shelf with a statue right next to the double doors inside the Main Hall.

Statue #04: Main House 2F, Recreation Room – On the second floor, through the hallway accessed from the Main Hall, you’ll find the Recreation Room door. On the wall opposite the entrance door, there’s a basket with another statue.

Statue #05: Main House 1F, Drawing Room – After unlocking the shadow silhouette projector puzzle and crawling to the Drawing Room, find the statue in the door jam to the right of the door with the crow pinned to it.

Statue #06: Processing Area – Find this statue near the Snake Emblem door down the steps. This is the door that leads to the Morgue / Dissection Room. It can be hard to spot — look next to the sealed paint containers.

Statue #07: Yard, Trailer – After collecting the dog heads,  go out to the trailer in the yard. Under the steps, you’ll find the next statue.

Statue #08: Old House 1F, Cellar Passage – Crawl through the Living Room fireplace to access the passage leading to the Old House Cellar. Just as you enter the passage, look behind the wooden pallet on the left, at the top of the stairs.

Statue #09: Old House 1F, Save Room – Next to the painting on the shelf, to the left as you enter the Save Room. This room is accessed from the Gallery, following the exterior wooden path.

Statue #10: Old House 1F, Crawlspace – After completing the Gallery puzzle, you’ll enter a ruined section of the house to the west. From the large room,  drop into the crawlspace and follow the path. On the left, there’s a small metal shelf with this statue.

Statue #11: Old House 2F, Altar – Through the Crow Emblem door on the second floor of the west wing of the old house, go to the small room with the padlocked door. There’s a candelabra in the center with this Statue right next to it.

Statue #12: Main House 3F, Kid’s Room – Go to the Kid’s Room through the Crow Emblem door. This one cannot be knifed, you’ll need to shoot it — it’s on a wood panel in the cellar entrance, next to the top of the ladder.

Statue #13: Testing Area 1F – In the large room with the hanging pig carcasses and covered walkways, go to the hay bales and turn left to see this statue on top of the caged walkway to the left of the hay. This is where you’ll go before reaching the Party Room / Birthday Cake puzzle.

Statue #14: Testing Area 1F – After completing the Birthday Party VHS tape and passing through the party / torture room, you’ll reach the control room. Exit the surveillance room, and as you enter the hallway turn around and look above the door. There’s a well hidden statue above the door.

Statue #15: Boat House 1F – Before entering the Boat House itself, after leaving the Party Room, you’ll want to enter a small optional shack to the right of the main path to the Boat House. As you enter, look under the netting on the left.

WARNING: After leaving the boat house, you won’t be able to return to the Baker Mansion area.

Statue #16: Wrecked Ship 4F – Down the hall from the Captain’s Cabin, look on the left-side of the stairs leading down to 3F. If you’re going from 3F to 4F, look on the right side.

Statue #17: Wrecked Ship 2F – Adjacent to the Bunk Room, there’s an area with a ladder leading up. Look up at the metal beam opposite the top of the ladder to spot this one. You’ll have to shoot it.

Statue #18: Swamp, Save Room – Right next to the Save Room after escaping the Wrecked Ship, you’ll find an open window with the Statue resting in the sill, right above the short ladder leading down.

Statue #19: Salt Mine – Entering the Salt Mine from the Swamp, you’ll reach a room with stairs on the right with a walkway over the tracks. Don’t go upstairs yet, continue to follow the tracks and look at the two barrels on the catwalk in the back-left corner. The statue is on the metal catwalk floor.

Statue #20: Salt Mine – Crawl through the narrow passage north of the Abandoned Mine section. Past the Save Room, enter a brick room. Look on the shelves nestled next to the central pillars of this room to find the last statue.

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