Remember Resident Evil 6 Online Events This Week

Capcom has issued a reminder that there's still time left on this week's online events in Resident Evil 6.

As mentioned on Capcom Unity, the first event ends tomorrow while the second event ends on Saturday, December 1.

The two events are:

  • A 50 Million Dollar Foothold (11/23 through 11/29): How fast can you tear through Jake's first chapter? There's a lot to tackle in there, but the top times will get a nice big RE Point payout.
  • Mining the Depths Dominator (11/30 through 12/1): Bust some zombie heads and dominate Mining the Depths Mercs map! 

You have to participate in the events while connected to either PlayStation Network or Xbox Live, and scores and times are only valid if they're accomplished during the events.

The winners will get RE Points which can be used to buy avatars, dioramas and Mercenaris outfits on